Second-Year Project: Sustainability in Northfield

12 August 2019

This year the sophomore cohort has been working with the Climate Action Plan Advisory Board (CABAP) of Northfield. To begin with, they examined climate action plans (CAPs) from across the United States to better understand what is possible to achieve in a CAP. They then worked with the subcommittees to develop research based on the interest of the subcommittees. Finally, they compiled all of this work into the FOCUS Journal of Science! If you would like to read it, feel free to contact either the FOCUS coordinator or director.

Here are a few examples of topics they investigated:

  • Tomorrow’s Energy Today: How Environmental Investments Can Profit Northfield
  • From Birth to Ban: A History of the Plastic Shopping Bag
  • Recipes for Your Local Farmers Market Produce
  • Promoting Soil Health Awareness in Northfield