Second Year Project: STEM Education

30 September 2022

The FOCUS cohort of 2022 researched how students, specifically K-12 students, succeed in their STEM education for their Sophomore project. To begin with, the FOCUS colloquium explored their own STEM education and cited projects and programs from their experiences that helped them commit to STEM learning while also highlighting pitfalls in their education. They then developed a teaching curriculum for teachers to use in their classrooms. The plan was for each group of students to lead their STEM activities at Greenvale Park Community  School with kids and their families, but due to the coronavirus, they were unable to do those activities that year. Finally, they compiled all of this work into the FOCUS Journal of Science Volume 7! If you would like to read it, feel free to contact either the FOCUS  coordinator or director to get a copy! 

Here are a few examples of activities they developed: 

• Extracting DNA from strawberries. 

• Solving a mystery, using logic and chemical reactions

• Making (and eating) fizzy candy to explore acid-base chemistry