Reservations may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Below are some helpful links we use to decide if the fleet will be cancelled. Drivers should also use their best judgement in cases when the fleet does not get cancelled. Do not drive if you are uncomfortable with current weather conditions.

Weather Warning Terms – Definitions of different types of storm designations: Advisory, Watch, and Warning.

Local Weather – Check the local weather to monitor current and future forecasts and check status of potential dangerous weather.

MN DOT 511 – Shows road reports, construction, snow plow cameras, and road conditions.

Fleet Vehicle Services is located in OneCard Office, Sayles-Hill 005.

  • Faculty and Staff: Any faculty or staff member may make reservations, but only pre-qualified drivers may drive a fleet vehicle. Fill out the form below.
  • Students: Student organizations wanting to make reservations are required to obtain authorization from the department that oversees their organization. Please click the appropriate link below.

Fleet Vehicle Reservation Form

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