Carleton College maintains a fleet of shared vehicles that are available for use by pre-qualified drivers of the College conducting official Carleton College business.

  1. The driver of a College vehicle is responsible for the vehicle and its occupants. The driver should be familiar with the principles of safe and lawful operation of a motor vehicle and must obey all traffic laws. Failure to assume proper responsibility (safe and lawful operation) for the vehicle and its occupants will result in loss of driving privileges.
  2. Drivers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times while on College business.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in Carleton College fleet vehicles.
  4. Seatbelts must be used when vehicles are in motion. Passengers must be in a seat with a seatbelt at all times (i.e., passengers are not allowed to ride in the back of the cargo area)
  5. Cell phones or other electronic devices may not be used while operating a fleet vehicle.
  6. Doors must be closed when vehicles are in motion.
  7. Transporting individuals not involved in college business is prohibited.
  8. Service animals are allowed in college vehicles, provided they are properly kenneled and restrained. Pets are not allowed in college vehicles.
  9. Cancellation: Reservations must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance.
    • Reservations canceled within 24 hours of reservation start time will be charged a $60 (100 mile equivalent) late cancellation fee.
  10. College vehicles and rental vehicles being used for College business are to be driven only by “pre-qualified” Carleton College employees or students. To pre-qualify:
    • Faculty/staff
      • Complete a Motor Vehicle Report Release Waiver and submit it to the Risk Management Office, and do the online defensive driver training.
    • Students
      • Complete a Student Driver Application form, apply for a certified copy of your driving record (obtained from your home state’s Department of Motor Vehicles) and submit it to Campus Services, do the online defensive driver training, and read the Fleet Vehicle Policies/Procedures manual. Approved student drivers expire annually at the end of September. Students must renew their driving status by submitting a current driving record.
  11. Fleet vehicle keys must be picked up by the driver of a vehicle (one set of keys per driver). Alternatively, a department may send a list of drivers to Fleet Services prior to pick up so Fleet Services may confirm the authorized driver status of each listed driver.
    • Keys not returned at the end of a reservation period will result in a $60 (100 mile equivalent) fee for each day they are not returned.
  12. If an authorized driver is involved in a motor vehicle accident or receives a moving violation, he or she may be required to attend additional defensive driver training. Students may be asked to provide a new Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) upon a qualifying event such as receiving a moving violation ticket or being involved in an accident either in a personal vehicle or a College-owned vehicle.
  13. College vehicles are not to be used for personal business. All vehicle use will be charged through the College’s Workday system. A Worktag Name and Worktag Ref ID must be supplied for each vehicle reservation. Mini-van and car rates are $0.60/mile or $5.00, whichever is greater.
    • Departments and groups will be charged a $60 (100 mile equivalent) fee if they fail to pick up a reserved vehicle.
    • If a reserved vehicle is not returned to the Stadium lot by the end of the reservation period, a $60 (100 mile equivalent) fee will be applied for each day it is late.
  14. The use of rooftop carriers or similar externally mounted storage containers on College-owned/leased passenger vehicles is prohibited. The College has one cargo mini-van, which can be used in place of trailers and/or rooftop carriers. Trailers containing a boat or other such apparatus that cannot easily fit in the cargo space may be towed using the cargo minivan. Only faculty and staff may be allowed to tow with trailers behind the College-owned vehicles. All towing has to be approved by the Fleet Services Manager. STUDENTS ARE PROHIBITED FROM USING A TRAILER OF ANY KIND. All drivers are encouraged to use the space in a mini-van or 12 passenger van in place of a trailer whenever possible.
  15. When there is a state-issued travel advisory in effect due to a storm warning, no travel will be allowed. Keys will not be issued for reserved vehicles and everyone traveling in College vehicles should seek shelter until driving conditions improve and all travel advisories have been lifted. Campus Services may cancel a reservation if it determines that travel is, or may become, unsafe.
  16. Look and listen to local road and weather reports and follow their recommendations. Stay informed on changing weather conditions throughout your trip, as well as road closures.
    • Minnesota Department of Transportation –
    • National Weather Service – Detailed forecasts based on zip code
    • Check College email prior to trip for any additional communications
  17. Windows and mirrors must be scraped and defrosted during inclement weather.
  18. Each vehicle has an accident reporting kit in the glove box which includes:
    • Insurance & Registration
    • Breakdown/towing procedure
    • Emergency contact numbers
    • Motor Vehicle Accident Report
  19. Accidents that occur on campus property should be reported to Carleton Security immediately. Accidents that occur off campus property must be reported to the local police at the time of the accident and to Carleton Security immediately upon return to campus. If there are injuries or if the vehicle is not in “drivable” condition — either due to an accident or mechanical difficulties — contact Fleet Services at 507-222-5384 (or Carleton Security at 507-222-4444 after hours) for assistance. The College will review all accidents involving College vehicles. Determination of future eligibility for drivers involved in accidents will be made on a case-by-case basis. Refer to full College policy for Accident Procedures.
  20. Drivers are required to use a “Spotter” person to help watch while the driver is backing up a vehicle. Whenever possible, the driver should ask a passenger to assist by getting out of the vehicle and watching until the vehicle has cleared any obstacles and is safe to proceed forward.
  21. Operators should not drive if drowsy or under the influence of any substance including, but not limited to: alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs that cause drowsiness or impaired judgment. Use of prescription drugs is permitted only if it does not impair the driver’s ability to operate a vehicle in a safe manner.
  22. Any parking or moving violation citations are the driver’s responsibility. The College will not pay any fines.
  23. Fleet vehicles are not available for trips to destinations more than 100 miles from Carleton. Campus Services may make an exception in cases where a Carleton faculty or staff member is accompanying the trip. For trips further than 100 miles away vehicles should be rented from an outside vendor; this is often a less expensive option for longer trips. Information on rentals with Enterprise/National through the State of Minnesota contract can be found in the College Handbook.
  24. Information on driving personal vehicles may be found in the College Handbook.
  25. Fleet vehicles may not be left at MSP airport overnight. You may have another eligible driver bring you to the airport and then return the fleet vehicle to campus. Pickup would need to be arranged with a second reservation.
  26. Clean out the inside of the vehicle. If it is not clean when you take it, please inform Campus Services. If vehicles are not cleaned when returned, or there is smell of smoke, there will be a professional cleaning charge billed to the department budget tied to the reservation.
  27. Park vehicle back in designated area after scheduled reservation. Make sure all interior and exterior lights are off. Close all windows, remove possessions, and lock all doors after use. Return key to Campus Services (Sayles 05) or deposit in the after hours key drop-off (Sayles main entrance) immediately upon return to campus.

12-Passenger Vans

  1. Authorized drivers – Pre-qualified Carleton employees and students who have been driving for a minimum of 4 years and complete the additional training noted below may operate a 12-passenger van. Faculty or professional staff must be present on the trip if a student is driving.
    • Training Requirements
      • Complete the Passenger Van Safety training course
      • Contact to schedule a behind-the-wheel/training overview requirement consisting of 2-6 trainees per session. This training can only be completed after an individual has completed the Passenger Van Safety training. 
      • Complete an in-person training session which includes a 30-45 minute overview and a behind-the-wheel component. Total training time is approximately two hours.
  2. 12-passenger van rates are $1.25/mile with a $25 daily minimum.
    • Departments and groups will be charged a $125 (100 mile equivalent) fee if they fail to pick up a reserved vehicle. 
    • If a reserved vehicle is not returned to the Stadium lot by the end of the reservation period, a $125 (100 mile equivalent) will be applied for each day it is late.
    • Keys not returned at the end of a reservation period will result in a $125 (100 mile equivalent) fee for each day they are not returned. 
    • Reservations canceled within 24 hours of reservation start time will be charged a $125 (100 mile equivalent) late cancellation fee.