Driver Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Point Evaluation Policy

All students who expect to drive College vehicles are required to provide a certified copy of their driving record, also known as an MVR, on an annual basis in order to establish their status as an authorized College driver.

Students with US driver’s licenses who are interested in becoming authorized drivers must submit their driving record to Fleet Vehicle Services. Driving records can be obtained from your home state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

A driver must not exceed 14 points for accidents and/or traffic violations in the most recent 36 months to remain eligible. Any driver with 15 or more points will lose their driving privilege. Points will be credited (removed) for vehicle safety training — five points for attendance at an approved alcohol education class (only as a result of points incurred due to an alcohol related offense), and three points for attendance at an approved defensive driving course.

The following violation point system is used as a guide to determine the eligibility of a driver of a college vehicle:

Driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence
Refusal of breath test
Reckless driving
Criminal vehicular homicide
Leaving the scene of an accident
Driving after license revocation or suspension
Open Bottle
Any other violation deemed severe enough to warrant suspension of driving privileges
Careless driving12
Speeding 19 mph or more over the speed limit
Failure to report an accident in a timely manner
Any preventable accident involving bodily injury and medical treatment beyond first aid at the scene of the accident
Any other moving violations
All other preventable accidents