Using a fleet vehicle for Carleton business is a privilege. Drivers and passengers are expected to follow simple courtesies to ensure that fleet vehicles are ready for travel when needed.

Each vehicle is used by multiple drivers each day.  Adhere to the start and end time of your reservation or you will inconvenience other Carleton travelers.      

Simple courtesies:

  1. Fill the tank for the next driver. Use the fleet credit card attached to the vehicle keys. If the tank is at less than half please fill for the next driver.
  2. Clean up after yourself. Drivers bear ultimate responsibility for the condition of the vehicle used. Involve passengers in the clean up of the vehicle’s interior at the end of each trip. Remove all litter and personal belongings.
  3. Store snow brush under the front seat.
  4. Return keys and fleet charge card promptly. After hours drop box in the entrance of Sayles-Hill  Adhere to the start and end time of reservation.
  5. Notify Fleet Vehicle Services immediately of any vehicle problems so we can correct them for the next driver. 

Fleet Vehicle Services is responsible for the long-term maintenance of the fleet vehicles. Vehicles rotate on a cleaning schedule of approximately every three weeks. Drivers and passengers should contact 507-222-4889 with concerns requiring immediate attention.