Fleet Vehicle Rental Rates

  • $0.60/mile or $5.00, whichever is greater
  • 100 mile assessment fee ($60.00) for fleet vehicles that are reserved but don’t get picked up (no shows)

Enterprise Miles per Gallon Estimates                                 

Car Classification             City MPG             Highway MPG

Compact                            25                        35

Standard                            22                        30

Full size                              22                        30

Mini van                             18                        24

Standard SUV                      18                        25

Large SUV                           15                        21

Pickup Truck                        15                        21

Large Pickup                        15                        20

Cargo Van and 12 Passenger Van:   No published rating due to the discrepancy in weight dependent on the cargo the vehicle is carrying.  Guess estimate is 11-14 City MPG and 15-21 Highway MPG.

Personal Vehicle Reimbursement

The College will reimburse Faculty and Staff parking charges and mileage for travel on College business equal to the allowable IRS rate. Personal student cars are reimbursed at a different rate.  Check with the Business Office for the current allowable reimbursement rate for personal cars.  It is important to note that any accidents incurred while driving your own car will fall to your personal insurance coverage even if you are driving on Carleton business.