As a sophomore, you are eligible to apply for a few more fellowships, and you should continue to participate in activities that will make you a stronger candidate for the larger number of fellowships open to you as a junior and senior.

Words of Advice

  • If you are considering studying off-campus in your junior year, there are a number of fellowships that you should investigate. The Off- Campus Studies “Money Matters” site includes information on awards that could be helpful in funding your program.
  • This is the year you will declare your major! Cultivate relationships with professors in that field and consider doing research for them.
  • Become more involved in extra-curricular activities here at Carleton, and assume leadership roles in the activities you are passionate about.
  • Take a look at Carleton-funded fellowships and consider applying for one to support research you’d like to do or an experience you’d like to have.

National/International Fellowships Open to Sophomores

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