The Phillips Scholars Program recognizes and rewards private college students who strive to make life better for those with unmet needs. Applicants are challenged to think creatively and become community service leaders. Phillips Scholars identify community concerns, explore ways to create social change, and develop ambitious programs to meet a variety of human and social needs.

Applicants are encouraged to focus on areas of interest to the Phillips Foundation, such as human services, health, education, the disabled, and eliminating discrimination, and must be committed to designing and implementing a Minnesota-focused service project.


First-year, sophomore, or junior students


Ten competitively selected Phillips Scholars are eligible to receive a total of $9000 to support the development and implementation of a self-designed service project to address unmet needs in Minnesota communities, and $500 for a supply stipend. Phillips Scholars also participate in training and other activities to support their development as change-makers in their communities.

The Phillips Scholars Program deadline falls in February of each year.

Campus Contact

Center for Community and Civic Engagement, Sayles-Hill Center