The Kanders Churchill Scholarship was created through the Winston Churchill Foundation (which funds the Churchill Scholarship for study at Cambridge)  to address the growing divide between science and science policy.  Two Kanders Churchill Scholarships are offered each year.


  • US Citizenship
  • Completed Bachelor’s Degree with either a major or minor in a STEM field from a US college or university by the time the scholarship would begin (there is no limit on the number of years beyond graduation that you may apply)
  • Applying to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy  at Cambridge University

Unlike the other Churchill Scholarships, there is no application to the Churchill Foundation or nomination process through Carleton. Instead, candidates state their interest in the Kanders Churchill Scholarship on their Cambridge application. Please indicate briefly on your Statement of Interest that you would like to be considered for this award.

The next deadline will be in the second week of October, 2024 (the same deadline as the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which has not yet been determined).

As with all Churchill Scholarships, applicants must enter Churchill College as their first college choice. The Selection Committee will consider candidates’ academic achievements in STEM as well as their preparation for the Master’s in Public Policy. A Selection Committee of former Churchill Scholars working in science policy will make their decision in mid-December, drawing on a pool of applicants admitted to the Master’s in Public Policy. Candidates will be informed by late December, on the same timeline as the other Churchill Scholarship applicants.

The Kanders Churchill Scholarship was made possible through a generous donation from Churchill Foundation Board Member Warren Kanders.

For further information about the Kanders Churchill Scholarship, prospective applicants should consult the information at the Churchill Scholarship website.