Three recommendations are required. These are often provided by Carleton professors or staff, but they can be provided by others. Think carefully about what kind of recommendations you need:

  • If you are applying for an independent research grant, at least two of your recommenders should be able to assess the feasibility of your proposal. 
  • If your academic grant is for a graduate program, your recommenders should all be professors/instructors who have taught you and can speak to your suitability for the field – just as if you were applying for a graduate program in the US.
  • If you are applying for an English Teaching Assistant award, your recommenders will complete forms that ask about your potential as a teacher, so they should be able to comment on that. 

It is important to contact your potential recommenders as early as possible to tell them you plan to apply, ask for their support, and get their advice. 

For all Fulbright applications, as the timetable page describes, Marynel will provide your recommenders with detailed instructions on our Carleton process.  

You are responsible for securing your own language evaluation, if one is required for your application. 

  • Most students request evaluations from someone who has taught them a language; in cases where that is not possible, feel free to consult with Marynel about other potential options. 
  • Your language evaluation must be submitted by the Fulbright deadline, but need not be submitted by the on-campus deadline in September.
  • Recommenders can also serve as language evaluators, as noted under application components on the Fulbright website: “[i]f you wish to have the same person complete both a recommendation and a Foreign Language Evaluation, you will need to register the person once for the recommendation and once for the Foreign Language Evaluation.”

If you are in doubt or have questions about these elements of the application, be sure to ask Marynel.