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Program Summary

  1. U.S. students will come to Canada to undertake advanced research projects.
  2. Projects will cover a broad cross-section of research topics including most academic disciplines.
  3. Students will spend 10 to 12 weeks (May – October) in Canada on a research project in their area of interest.
  4. Students will be placed at a Canadian university and undertake a supervised research project.
  5. Students will have extensive opportunities for cultural, social, and recreational experiences.


Participants in this program must:

  1. be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at an accredited university located in the United States ;
  2. be a United States citizen, and hold a valid U.S. passport;
  3. have at least one semester remaining in their program of study as of Fall 2023 (this program is not suitable for 1st-year NOR final year students);
  4. ideal candidates will be in their third year in the 22/23 academic year;
  5. have a competitive grade point average;
  6. be available to spend between 10 to 12 weeks in Canada between May and August;
  7. apply by September 20, 2022 at 10pm Eastern Time.


Students who participate in this program will have:

  1. access to the prestigious worldwide Fulbright network (the Globalink program will not impact the eligibility to apply for Fulbright Student programs);
  2. access to some of Canada’s top research facilities;
  3. the opportunity to gain valuable international experience;
  4. a rewarding experience combining academic research, professional skills, and personal growth; and,
  5. a grant in the amount of CAD$7000

To apply, students must provide:

  1. a completed application online form;
  2. unofficial transcripts from their home university or college;
  3. a resume of no more than two pages;
  4. two letters of reference (to be submitted bySeptember 20. 2022);
  5. a one-page personal statement- no project needs to be identified at this time.

The program is highly competitive. Students will be evaluated on a combination of factors including:

  • their record of academic achievement,
  • their personal statement,
  • their current skills and interests
  • fit to program
  • letters of recommendation

Further information: