Starting early is very helpful if you want to pursue external fellowships. You are eligible to apply for some even as a first-year student! More importantly, there are steps you can take now to make yourself a strong candidate for fellowships in the future.

Words of Advice

  • Think about how you might want to schedule your time at Carleton. Would you like to study off-campus? Are there courses in the major you think you might declare that are only offered certain years? Thinking about your next four years at Carleton will help you discover fellowships that are well-suited to your interests and goals.
  • Start looking through the Office of Student Fellowships website. Begin considering fellowships you are interested in, read the eligibility and criteria, and think about what you can do over time to make yourself a better candidate for those fellowships.
  • Once you have a handle on your academics, get involved in extra-curricular opportunities at Carleton and begin to discover the activities and subjects you are most passionate about. Don’t worry about leadership positions now – just experience what Carleton has to offer and learn what activities interest you.
  • Start forming connections with faculty members. Getting to know them will enhance your learning experience at Carleton. Make time for office hours to ask questions about assignments, internships or off-campus study, or about the professor’s research. Then, when it comes time to ask for a recommendation, you’ll know whom to ask and they’ll know you.
  • It’s never too early to visit the Office of Student Fellowships and get some early guidance!

National/International Fellowships Open to First-Year Students

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