Use the pages linked below to explore external opportunities open to Carleton students. The number of national and international fellowships for which you are eligible to apply will go up as you near graduation (there are more for juniors and seniors than there are for first-year students and sophomores), but it is still smart to learn early about the wide range of awards out there.  Knowing well in advance what is expected gives you time to think about how what you are doing now may open up opportunities later.

Marynel is eager to work with students to help them explore their interests, and understand how fellowship opportunities might connect to those interests, as early as possible. Please make an appointment if you want to learn more, or get started!

National/international fellowships information for:

First-Year Students
Recent Alumni

* STEM Fields: Most fellowships are open to students and graduates from all disciplines. See a list of fellowships available only to students and graduates in science fields.

* International Students: See a list of fellowships for which international students are eligible to apply.

Tips on Applying for Fellowships