Cultural Insurance Services International

Carleton has contracted with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for travel assistance, medical coverage and evacuation services for rostered students traveling on college business. Faculty and staff will notify the Purchasing and Risk Manager with the student travel information in order to roster the travel. Once a student is rostered, they will receive an email containing their insurance ID card, policy brochure, and a link to the “my CISI participant” portal.

Students should follow the directions from the email to set up their personal account in the CISI participant portal and access their CISI card. Students may also choose to purchase additional coverage for personal travel before or after the College trip through this same portal.

Carry your CISI card with you at all times.

In the case of a minor injury or illness

Those using this insurance should be prepared to pay for doctor visits for minor illnesses such as a sore throat or a sinus infection, for example. A claim form will be included in the information from If medical expenses are incurred while abroad, the claim form and scanned copies of the itemized paid bill(s) can be emailed to Claims should be submitted for processing as soon as possible (and no later than one year after treatment was received, if possible). Claims are typically processed within 15 business days provided CISI has all of the information needed for reimbursement. A case does not need to be opened in advance in order for us to pay a claim for covered expenses for minor injuries/illnesses. Team Assist (our 24/7 assistance provider) can help provide referrals to doctors/hospitals if needed but insureds may visit any provider they would like and eligible expenses will be covered at 100% (in other words, CISI does not have network restrictions).

In the case of a serious injury or illness

For all emergencies, seek help without delay at the nearest facility and then, after admittance, open up a case with Team Assist (our 24/7 assistance provider). To avoid any delay in treatment, the insured (or someone with the insured) may need to provide a personal payment method to the hospital up front. Once a case is opened, however, it is always the CISI goal to have the hospital or facility bill CISI directly so that neither the program/sponsor/school nor the insured needs to provide payment. In these types of situations, the insured (or someone calling on his/her behalf) needs to open a medical file with Team Assist asking for help with this.

An Important Note about Medical and Security Evacuations

Sometimes an insured’s medical condition requires a medical evacuation to obtain further medical treatment in the nearest adequate location or back in the U.S. Sometimes insureds are required to evacuate due to security concerns. It is important for insureds to know that in order for medical or security-related evacuation costs to be covered, all approvals and arrangements must be made by Team Assist in conjunction with the attending physician (for a medical evacuation) and with i-JET (for a security evacuation). Anyone may contact Team Assist to open a medical or security file if assistance is needed or if evacuation may be a possibility.

Contact Information

In cases of medical or security-related emergency please contact the CISI 24/7 emergency assistance provider:

Team Assist Provider:  AXA Assistance

Phone: (855) 327-1411 (calling toll-free from within the US) or (312) 935-1703 (calling from outside of the US, collect calls accepted)


You may advise that you are a CISI insured with Carleton College, Policy Number N06566339

For More Information, Contact:

Randie Johnson, Purchasing, and Risk Manager, Business Office, x4178.