• explore how the political turmoil of Buenos Aires during the 1970s shaped Ricardo Piglia as a crime author and influenced his decision to create an entirely new understanding of the writer’s role in society: that of a detective committed to uncovering the conspiracies of the government and revealing the truth;
  • explore Puerto Rican artists’ representations of national/ personal identity and see how those compare with the actual feelings of people on the island by visiting sites and museums in San Juan and rural Lares that may have shaped the national identity;
  • train with long distance runners in the mountains of Costa Rica;
  • travel to Quito, Ecuador to fight poverty by providing homeless and working children access to education, basic health services, and vocational skills by going out into the streets with first aid supplies to assist in first aid and then to encourage them to access help from the Centro de la Nina Trabajaora, a non-profit, non-governmental organization;
  • travel to India and Russia to compare their struggles in the transition from a third-world country to a modern society for market capitalism.

These are just examples of projects that have been funded.  Other topics are welcome! Students are urged to consult with the Director of Student Fellowships early in the process of drawing up their proposals.