Interested applicants should consult first with an advisor/faculty member in the discipline in which they hope to pursue post-bac research (or a related discipline, in the case of interdisciplinary fields or those not represented at Carleton).   Once a potential R1 professor/PI has been identified, the applicant is responsible for making contact with that person and securing an affiliation with a lab or research group. 

During the early stages of the process, it is strongly recommended that any drafted email and other communications be shared with a Carleton advisor/faculty member for feedback before they are sent to the potential host.

**Contact one potential host at a time and allow sufficient time for a response, before sending emails to others.**

First communications should include:

  • an introduction of the program, including the link to the fellowship webpage (a post-bac research fellowship of one or two years, dependent on eligibility)
  • a brief description of research interests (one paragraph)
  • an offer to provide additional/supplementary information upon request

Additional/supplementary information may include:

  • A resume/CV (including information on previous research experiences)
  • An official electronic transcript (available free-of-charge via the Hub)
  • Names and contact information for verified references

Expectations for host involvement in the application process:

The student will consult with the host regarding the content of the research statement. 

The required ‘proof of offer’ from the host will include the following information:

  • Confirmation that the lab or research group is willing to take the student on as a research assistant for the period proposed
  • Details of the expected appointment (duties; title; general benefits such as access to coursework at the institution, library privileges, and the like; any additional information that can be provided at that point)

The ‘proof of offer’ may take the form of a letter or email communication.

Details of the appointment for the selected fellow will be worked out between the appropriate offices and personnel at Carleton and the R1 institution in question.