Funded by gifts to the College from the Class of 1963, these fellowships enable qualified students to carry out independent research activities in any field taught at Carleton College, or to undertake projects in the creative or performing arts. Among activities that might be sought are laboratory, library, museum or archival research; fieldwork; and creating or learning to perform a work of art. 

Fellowships will normally be awarded to juniors for use during the summer between their junior and senior years but may also be used during Winter Break of senior year, with approval. In exceptional circumstances, sophomores may be awarded a fellowship to be used during the summer between their sophomore and junior years, or during their junior year.

The Class of 1963 Fellowships may also be held during the academic year to do a project that would qualify for Independent Study credit. In the latter case, the fellowship supports actual costs of the project (rather than living expenses). If the project proposed is to earn academic credit, applicants may only budget for expenses and must also submit a completed Carleton Independent Study Form” with their proposal.

Funding: Up to $5,000 per proposal awarded.


  • Junior priority.  In exceptional circumstances, sophomores may be awarded a fellowship.
  • Students in any major are eligible.
  • All applicants must be in good academic standing.

View examples of projects funded.  Students may view successful proposals in the Office of Student Fellowships, Laird 131.

Application Process

Deadline:  5 PM on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A complete application packet includes:

  • Online Application, with attached single PDF containing your transcript, resume, etc.
  • Two recommendations, which will be requested from those you name in the application and submitted using the appropriate form below.
    • BE SURE TO ASK recommenders before listing them on the application.
    • NOTE: Using Carleton faculty or staff as recommenders is usually the best choice.  Non-Carleton recommenders may disadvantage you as they may not know Carleton, and the selection committee does not know them.  Use your judgment in this, as in all other areas.

Recommendations Process

  • The Office of Student Fellowships will forward finalized proposals to your recommenders following the due date.
  • Recommenders should submit the appropriate Online Recommendation Form, and are welcome to also attach a letter of support, if they choose.
  • The deadline for recommendations is 5 PM on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Recommendation Form – Carleton Faculty and Staff

Recommendation Form – Non-Carleton Faculty


For research involving human subjects, Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications must be submitted electronically *before the research begins*.  Visit the IRB website to learn more about the process.


Please contact Marynel Ryan Van Zee, Director of Student Fellowships, Laird 131, x4300.