• investigate the intersection of cultures in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, creating a combined written journal and photo essay through street photography and daily records of conversations, interactions, and personal reflections;
  • visit alternative communities in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, exploring links between the psychology of alternative living and artistic expression;
  • travel across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway and create a personal essay film, cross-culturally examining trains as emblems of interconnectedness and global modernity;
  • work as an apprentice at a male bespoke shoemaking shop in Paris, France to learn the trade through hands-on training and individual research;
  • study a female operated “neighborhood economy” system in a fishing community of Northern Coastal Peru to see how social relations among women in artisanal fishing communities impact household financial decisions and perceived notions of success in women’s businesses;
  • improve Japanese language skills while exploring the cultural relationship between agriculture, nutrition, and healthcare in Japan by volunteering at organic farms in rural Japan, in addition to interviewing and shadowing physicians in both urban and rural Japan;
  • volunteer at a health clinic in Cape Town, South Africa, assisting with basic clinic tasks and providing relevant health information to patients waiting to be seen.
  • explore what it means to be queer in Cape Town, South Africa–often described as the gay capital of Africa, despite frequent incidences of violence against the LGBT+ community.
  • explore community histories and individual relationships with the Bialowieża Forest in Central Europe–which extends across parts of Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus–to explore the many historical, ecological, and anthropological facets of this primeval forest.

These are just examples of projects that have been funded.  Other topics are welcome! Students are urged to consult with the Director of Student Fellowships early in the process of drawing up their proposals.