Applications for Carleton-funded fellowships are due March 28, 2023!


The Larson International Fellowship was established in 1986 by grants to Carleton from Robert ’56, John ’60, and David Larson ’63 in memory of their parents, Frances W. and Eugene Larson. Both Frances and Eugene had a deep interest in Carleton and were champions of international understanding and involvement. Awarded annually, Larson International Fellowships provide a significant international experience for students with strong leadership potential.


Up to $5,000 for each fellow chosen.


  • Fellowship awards are intended for first year, sophomore and junior students to use during summer or winter break.
  • Students studying any discipline are eligible.
  • All applicants must be in good academic standing.
  • While prior foreign experience does not disqualify an applicant, special consideration is given to those who have not traveled abroad.
  • Only students from the United States and Canada may apply for the Larson Fellowship. 
  • Fellowship awards will support activities in all countries of the world except the United States and Canada.

Selection Criteria

Successful Larson International Fellowship all start with a fabulous idea (one that is creative, personally significant, and feasible) which involves travel abroad. Since the primary emphasis of the program is on its international experience rather than its academic aspect, formal study at foreign institutions will not be funded. Field work or research is appropriate, as long as it brings the Fellow into meaningful contact with a culture or society. The best Larson proposals have elements of adventure!

Successful proposals:

  • put students in contact not just with the geography, flora and fauna of a place, but with its people and cultures;
  • do not involve formal study at an academic institution; and
  • are interesting projects, well designed, and feasible.

View examples of projects funded.

See the Application and Recommendations Process page for more information!


Please contact Marynel Ryan Van Zee, Director of Student Fellowships, Laird 131, x4300.

Larson Recipient Gaby Tietyen-Mlengana’s Carleton Instagram Takeover

Larson Fellowship recipient Gaby Tietyen-Mlengana spent her summer in Paris researching the multifaceted history of Drancy.  This Instagram Takeover showcases her experience.