Michael Wenderoth and past Chang-Lan Fellowship recipients reflect on the significance of their experiences and long-term engagement with China.

June 4, 2020: Check out Michael’s story in China Currents.


The Chang-Lan Fellowship is intended to promote cultural understanding between the United States and China. Projects appropriate for the fund should focus on China-related topics within any discipline or career area and take place—in order of preference—in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or other countries in Asia.

Chang-Lan Fellowships will not support formal study at an academic institution, but rather should focus on experiential learning projects students undertake independently or within the context of an organization (for-profit, non-profit, or governmental).  Chang-Lan funds will not be combined with other funds to support a particular student project, but should be stand-alone support for that project.  

Chang-Lan Fellows are required to share their experiences and learning with the Carleton community when they return to campus, and will include reflections and information about the experience as a Fellow and how it influenced their career-related goals. Students who have not lived or traveled in Asia previously will be given preference.  


More than one proposal will be funded each year.


  • Priority to Juniors or Sophomores, though First-Year students may also apply. 
  • Students in any major are eligible;
  • All applicants must be in good academic standing.

Here are Chang-Lan examples.

Application Process

Deadline:  5 PM on Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A complete application packet includes:

  • Online Application, with attached single PDF containing your transcript, resume, etc.
  • Two recommendations, which will be requested from those you name in the application and submitted using the appropriate form below.
    • BE SURE TO ASK recommenders before listing them on the application.

      NOTE: Using Carleton faculty or staff as recommenders is usually the best choice.  Non-Carleton recommenders may disadvantage you as they may not know Carleton, and the selection committee does not know them.  Use your judgment in this, as in all other areas.

Recommendations Process

  • The Office of Student Fellowships will forward finalized proposals to the your recommenders following the due date.
  • Recommenders should submit the appropriate Online Recommendation Form, and are welcome to also attach a letter of support, if they choose.
  • The deadline for recommendations is 5 PM on Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

Recommendation Form – Carleton Faculty and Staff

Recommendation Form – Non-Carleton Faculty


For research involving human subjects, Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications must be submitted electronically *before the research begins*.  Visit the IRB website to learn more about the process.


Please contact Marynel Ryan Van Zee, Director of Student Fellowships, Laird 131, x4300.