New Application Cycles effective Fall Term 2023

Most Carleton-funded fellowships administered by the Office of Student Fellowships will now have application deadlines every term, instead of only in the spring!

Fall Term stipulations and deadlines

  • The Fall Term deadline is only for fellowship activities to take place during the Winter Break that follows.
  • First-year students are ineligible.
  • Seniors pursuing Comps research over Winter Break may apply only for the Senior Comps Fellowship (and no senior may receive both a Comps Fellowship and a non-Comps fellowship for the same Winter Break).
  • Seniors pursuing non-Comps projects over Winter Break are free to apply for these fellowships by the same Fall Term deadline:
    • Chang-Lan
    • Class of 1963
    • Professor Roy Grow
    • Independent Research
    • Paul and Lynn Kelley Fellowship
    • Larson International
    • Allen & Irene Salisbury
    • Richard Salisbury

Fall Term Application Deadline: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 11:59pm (cst)

Winter and Spring Term stipulations and deadlines

The Winter and Spring Term deadlines are for proposed fellowship activities over summer or over the next academic year’s Winter Break. Proposals for fellowships with both Winter and Spring Term deadlines that are not successful in the Winter Term review may be revised and resubmitted for the Spring Term review.

Winter Term Application Deadline (see note below): Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 11:59pm (Central Time)

NOTE: Select fellowships can be applied for ONLY during Winter TermDonelson, Hanson Ethics, and the Nancy Wilkie Fellowship for Archaeological Field Experience.

Spring Term Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 11:59pm (Central Time)

Information for Recommenders

Please visit our Information for Recommenders page.

Common application form to be used for all fellowships EXCEPT the David C. Donelson, Hanson Ethics, Nancy Wilkie, and and Technos International Week Fellowships.


Some fellowship funds offer financial support for experiences.  This is a broad category that can include activities related to your academic or professional goals, service learning, and experiences without an explicit purpose beyond intellectual and personal development or enhancing your intercultural awareness. 

Applications and Deadlines

The Chang-Lan, Professor Roy F. Grow, and Larson International Fellowships use a common application form and recommendations. You can apply for these at the Fall Term, Winter Term, or Spring Term deadline. The important thing when applying for one of these fellowships using the common application is to describe well what you want to do – if your proposal is selected for funding, the review committee will determine the source.

The David C. Donelson Fellowship, Nancy Wilkie Fellowship for Archaeological Field Experience, and Technos International Week use individual application forms that you will find on their individual pages and may be applied for only during Winter Term.

Quick overview of the application and recommendation deadline and submission process

Recommendations: All these fellowship applications require recommendations. You will enter the names of your recommenders in the application; please be sure they have agreed to provide a recommendation (you can direct them to the information for recommenders, if they need to know more about what is expected before agreeing to support your application). Following the due date, we will send a copy of your finalized application for their review, along with a link to the appropriate recommendation form.

Support for Travel

All of these fellowships may be used to support travel and some of them have stipulations: 

The Chang-Lan Fellowship award must be used for research or experiences in China (or in other Asian countries with specific reference to China)

The Larson International Fellowship (open only to US or Canadian citizens or permanent residents) must be used to support international travel outside of the US and Canada.

The Professor Roy F. Grow Fellowship award must be used for research or experiences in Asia.



All fellowship applicants must be in good academic standing. In addition, fellowships may not be awarded to students who are on probation or suspension for conduct violations. 

When deciding among equally strong proposals for the same category/categories or fellowship funds, juniors/rising seniors (especially those proposing Comps work) are prioritized for summer fellowship funding; followed by sophomores/rising juniors; and the lowest priority group for funding will be rising sophomores. Seniors receive the lowest priority for non-Comps project funding for Winter Break; juniors, followed by sophomores, are the priority groups for that (very limited) funding.

With the exception of support for Comps work, applications from students who have not already received fellowship funding will have priority over applications from students who have received such funding.

All fellowship recipients pursuing Summer Break projects are expected to spend at least 20 hours per week on fellowship activities during the proposed fellowship period. All fellowship recipients pursuing Winter Break projects are expected to spend 30-40 hours per week on fellowship activities during the proposed fellowship period.

You may accept other Carleton funding to support your project (for example, from the Career Center; the Center for Global and Regional Studies; the Jonathan Paradise Israel Experience Fund; Kolenkow-Reitz Fellowship Program; or an individual discipline or program) only up to the amount of your proposed budget.

Experiential fellowships open to first-year students

Experiential fellowships open to seniors (ONLY if returning for the following fall term)