We have a limited number of fellowships available to support seniors engaged in research or creative activity related to their comps projects during Winter Break. Applications are due during Fall Term and must be supported by the comps advisor.

**Seniors pursuing Comps projects over Winter Break are eligible for funding from the Office of Student Fellowships ONLY through the Senior Year Comps Fellowships. Seniors may apply for non-Comps Winter Break projects using the general Carleton-funded Fellowships application process. NO SENIOR MAY RECEIVE BOTH A COMPS FELLOWSHIP AND A NON-COMPS FELLOWSHIP FOR THE SAME WINTER BREAK. *

Please note: A limited number of fellowships will be awarded. Your comps project should include contingency plans if you do not receive one!

Application due date:  Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 5pm Central Time

Decisions will be announced no later than October 31, 2023, by email

Funding limit: $2,000; comps fellowship funding applies to actual expenses incurred to complete your research (including room and board to remain on-campus during Winter Break, for example) but it may not be used for your ‘family contribution’ to the cost of attending Carleton or to substitute for wages you might otherwise be earning.

Application components (all due by October 17, 2023, 5pm Central Time):

Those awarded fellowships will receive funds via student account disbursement in November, provided all requirements (including final IRB approval, if needed, and completion of waivers and/or health and safety orientations) are met. Funds must be used during Winter Break or returned to Carleton.

Preference will be given to proposals for comps research that has not received previous support from the Office of Student Fellowships.

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Clarity of the proposal (is it clear what the student wishes to do for the comps and how the proposed research and budget are related to that goal? is it clear that Winter Break is the appropriate time for the activity?)
  • Budget rationale (does the budget seem reasonable, and has the applicant explained each item clearly?  are items included that do not seem necessary?)
  • Comps advisor recommendation (does the comps advisor provide specific and sufficient support to the proposal, in terms of the work to be done, its feasibility in the time given, and the budget need?)