You’ve completed your Carleton-funded fellowship. Now we want to hear about your experience! This information — the “Bring Back’ — allows others on campus to hear about your experiences, it helps generate interest in the Carleton-funded opportunities, and it allows us to provide donors with information about how their funding is used.

What constitutes a “Bring-Back”? 

Ideally a Bring-Back is something that is open or available to the Carleton community.  Here are some ideas:

  • Participate in the “Student Research Symposium and Celebration,” held each October. Information about this event and how to sign up will be emailed to students in August or September of each year.
  • Do a presentation on campus! This is a great way to generate interest in fellowships for other students, and allows donors the chance to attend. We suggest strongly that you schedule it at a time when others can easily attend.  Consider the following when planning your event:
    • Room scheduling: If you need to reserve a room for your presentation, visit the Campus Scheduling website.
    • Advertise: If you reserve a room, your event will be published on the Carleton Events Calendar.  But you might want to post a few fliers, tell a few friends, anything to get the word out. 
    • Refreshments: If you’re able to provide something, refreshments are always a nice touch. Check with the Office of Student Fellowships to see if funds are available.
    • Notify the Office of Student Fellowships of the details of your event.
  • If your fellowship resulted in something tangible (a book, a film, a piece of art), arrange to have it displayed, screened, performed, or otherwise shared with the Carleton community.
  • Create a blog: Blogging your experiences is not only a great Bring-Back, it’s great for your friends and family, students, and donors to be able to share in your experiences through written word and photos.
  • Participate in an Office of Student Fellowships information session or other event to share your experience, excitement, and knowledge with other students who are preparing to apply for fellowships.
  • Share your story with prospective Carleton students through a brief video or photo clip (Marynel can provide details and support).

Have another idea? 

Great! Feel free to discuss it with Marynel and she will help you make it happen.

We look forward to hearing about your experience.