Common application form to be used for all fellowships EXCEPT the David C. Donelson, Hanson Ethics, Nancy Wilkie, and and Technos International Week Fellowships.

What is a Carleton-funded fellowship?

There are different types of fellowships, so this can be a hard question to answer! Carleton-funded fellowships offer funding to pursue independent research or another creative project, engage in experiential learning through an activity or internship, or explore something in-depth beyond the classroom. Learn how some Carls have used fellowships!

Why should I consider applying for a Carleton-funded fellowship?

  • The application process might get you funding to complete a project! No matter what, though, it’s also a chance to build helpful and important skills like articulating a goal and identifying how to get there; writing concisely and persuasively for an audience; planning a budget; and working with mentors and others to create a polished and effective application.
  • Working independently on research or another project might contribute to your comps or other academic goals, but it is also a way to prepare for life after Carleton.  Planning and completing your own project is something you are likely to be asked to do frequently during your career!
  • Being selected for a fellowship is a mark of distinction for your résumé/CV and your Carleton record!