New Application Cycles effective Fall Term 2023

Most Carleton-funded fellowships administered by the Office of Student Fellowships will now have application deadlines every term, instead of only in the spring!

Fall Term stipulations and deadlines

  • The Fall Term deadline is only for fellowship activities to take place during the Winter Break that follows.
  • First-year students are ineligible.
  • Seniors pursuing Comps research over Winter Break may apply only for the Senior Comps Fellowship (and no senior may receive both a Comps Fellowship and a non-Comps fellowship for the same Winter Break).
  • Seniors pursuing non-Comps projects over Winter Break are free to apply for these fellowships by the same Fall Term deadline:
    • Chang-Lan
    • Class of 1963
    • Professor Roy Grow
    • Independent Research
    • Paul and Lynn Kelley Fellowship
    • Larson International
    • Allen & Irene Salisbury
    • Richard Salisbury

Fall Term Application Deadline: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 11:59pm (cst)

Winter and Spring Term stipulations and deadlines

The Winter and Spring Term deadlines are for proposed fellowship activities over summer or over the next academic year’s Winter Break. Proposals for fellowships with both Winter and Spring Term deadlines that are not successful in the Winter Term review may be revised and resubmitted for the Spring Term review.

Winter Term Application Deadline (see note below): Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 11:59pm (Central Time)

NOTE: Select fellowships can be applied for ONLY during Winter TermDonelson, Hanson Ethics, and the Nancy Wilkie Fellowship for Archaeological Field Experience.

Spring Term Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 11:59pm (Central Time)

Information for Recommenders

Please visit our Information for Recommenders page.

What is a Carleton-funded fellowship?

There are different types of fellowships, so this can be a hard question to answer! Carleton-funded fellowships offer funding to pursue independent research or another creative project, engage in experiential learning through an activity or internship, or explore something in-depth beyond the classroom. Check our Instagram and News posts to learn how Carls have used fellowships!

Fellowship support can be used during Winter Break or over the summer, and there is no minimum amount of time you must spend on a fellowship activity — you can use just a part of your summer or Winter Break, or you can use the whole time, depending on your budget.

While it is technically possible to receive more than one fellowship per academic year, it is extremely rare – consult with the Director of Student Fellowships if you are interested in more than one project, and be prepared to identify and apply to support the one that interests you most.

Why should I apply for a Carleton-funded fellowship?

You might get funding to complete a project!

The application process is a chance to build helpful and important skills like articulating a goal and identifying how to get there; writing concisely and persuasively for an audience; planning a budget; and working with mentors and others to create a polished and effective application.

Working independently on research or another project might contribute to your comps or other academic goals, but it is also a way to prepare for life after Carleton.  Planning and completing your own project is something you are likely to be asked to do frequently during your career!

Working with a fellow student on a fellowship (it is generally best to apply separately, using the same project statement – consult with the Director of Student Fellowships if this is of interest to you) can teach you skills related to collaboration and interdisciplinary work!

Finally, being selected for a fellowship is a mark of distinction for your résumé/CV and your Carleton record!

How should I get started?

Check out our post called “Seven Steps to a Carleton-funded Fellowship Application,” and use these pre-application questions to help you develop an idea into a project proposal, and prepare to complete a Carleton-funded fellowship application.