Each year Carleton’s fellowships make it possible for a number of students to engage in independent research, explore their passions, or embark on an adventure. All of these opportunities are made possible by the generosity of Carleton alumni, parents and friends of the college; they are completed over a summer or during Carleton’s winter break. The following is a summary of Carleton’s 2021-22 fellowship awards.  

Chang-Lan Fellowship

  • Dan Ashurst ’22 will visit museums throughout Taiwan to analyze a variety of artists to gain a better understanding of the relationship between the real-world experience of Taiwan’s landscapes and their past representations by Northern Song painters.
  • Xueqi He ’22 will travel to Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to perform linguistics research on written, colloquial use of language in restaurant signage and other informal contexts.
  • Caroline Saksena ’23 hopes to better understand medicine and healing in a new light by exploring cross-cultural perspectives on traditional Chinese and western medicine in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China.
  • Mehdi Shahid ’22 will explore the traditions of Muslim-inflected cuisine in China to develop a deeper appreciation of how identities are preserved through non-religious channels in Chinese society.

Class of 1963 Fellowship

  • Jaxon Alston ’23 will interview the clients of a New Haven civil rights attorney and analyze past case studies to research the racialized effects of the criminal justice system, and will explore the feasibility of restorative justice as an alternative to retributive justice.
  • Skye Gulledge ’23 will research how people of East Asian and white mixed descent portray themselves and are portrayed through literature, considering the relevance of concepts like Orientalism for understanding such perspectives.
  • Ben Perry ’22 will take an artistic approach to examine, categorize, and catalog nature in Minneapolis, how it’s distributed, and how it interacts with human structures—physically and socially—in the city.
  • Yuanhao Zou ’22 will travel to Turkey to investigate the historical interplay between music and politics with a focus on the prominent artist Orhan Gencebay and Arabesk music he established.

David C. Donelson ’77 Fund Fellowships

  • Lauren Carothers-Liske ’22 will retrace and photograph her Japanese-American grandmother’s geographical movements during her incarceration at an internment camp in World War II.
  • Ethan Karp ’22 will design a residence inspired by the work of Will Shortz, the editor of the New York Times’ daily crossword puzzle.
  • Astrid Malter ’23 will use photography to document a year in New York City’s Green-Wood Cemetery.

Professor Roy Grow Fellowships

  • Jeremy Fong ’23 will conduct research in Tokyo, experimenting with the practice of visual sociology to understand how visual data can be used to document human experiences.
  • Hana Horiuchi ’23 will travel to India to study the controversial farm laws that have resulted in a wave of protests. Hana will attend protests and talk to farmers to also study whether media coverage of the protests differs for the northern and southern regions.
  • Tate Johnson ’22 will travel to Taiwan to document and share unique Mountain Oolong teas grown in the mountains, and will visit tea houses across the country to learn about the Gongfu tea tradition through engaging in tea ceremonies with master tasters.
  • Arya Misra ’22 will travel to India and Japan to make a film that explores and captures the movement of memories and the identity formation that takes place through them.
  • Madhav Mohan ’22 will travel to India and Australia to immerse in and learn about two very distinctive cultures: Byron Bay surfing, and life in a peaceful monastery in Ladakh.
  • Win Wen Ooi ’22 will travel to the historic Chowrasta Market in George Town, Penang, Malaysia, to explore how the recent phenomenon of outsourcing market operations management to private companies by the city council impacts roles and relationships at the market.
  • Lita Theng ’23 will travel to Cambodia and work with artists there to build an online platform for international audiences that hosts a virtual gallery of Cambodian artists’ work.

Dale and Elizabeth Hanson Fellowship in Ethics

  • Sam Blair ’24 will examine what sort of moral, financial, and practical obligations we have to those who will come after us, if any, and the large implications for what our priorities should be on topics as wide-ranging as climate change and AI development.
  • Kou Okada ’22 hopes to gain a better understanding of what normativity is, and its relationship to descriptivity, and to clarify whether a normative ethical naturalism is possible.

Independent Research Fellowships

  • Owen Brennan ’24 will travel to the American South to get a better understanding of how Southerners perceived the pandemic, and how it affected their communities.
  • Grace Hague ’22 and Fabricio Rua-Sanchez ’22 will create a short, interview-based film that explores the limitations that Carleton students face when crafting their personal style.
  • Tyrone Quigley ’22 will work with Professor Fred Hagstrom in the creation of an artists’ book exploring the protests against the Line 3 Pipeline being built by Enbridge through the treaty territory of Anishinaabe peoples and pristine Northern Minnesota wetlands.
  • Michael Schultz ’22 will continue his research on perceptions of blindness in the British Isles by examining the life of Scottish poet Thomas Blocklock, and how his work influenced the creation of initiatives directed to help people diagnosed as blind.
  • Adam Smart ’22 will travel to the United Kingdom to examine perceptions of the North Sea and English Channel in Western European intellectual circles during the late seventeenth century.
  • Sam Wingfield ’22 will investigate William Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury, Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, and Wallace Stegner’s Angle of Repose—very different novels that foreground nearly the same unconventional conception of time.

Kelley International Fellowship

  • Lea Winston ’22 will, through case studies of two equestrian statues of Franco in Madrid, research the role of public monuments, and their removal, in constructing a national historical memory of Franco’s dictatorship.

Larson International Fellowships

  • Emily Christiansen ’22 will examine architecture and art in Spain, France, Italy, and Malta to gain an understanding  of the art historical and cultural effects of the many cross-cultural exchanges occurring in this Mediterrenean region.
  • Rebecca Hicke ’22 and Stuart Kraabel ’22 will travel to Vienna, Austria, to experience the culture of ball season in Vienna.  Dancing at numerous balls, visiting museums and historic dance sites, and conversing with ball attendees will offer them the opportunity to undertand this cultural phenomenon.
  • Sade Orepo-Orjay ’22 will travel to Nigeria to immerse herself in the food and colonial history of her roots. Through food—learning from and listening to elders—she wants to explore the legacy of colonialism resulting from global trade pattern and improve her Yoruba skills.
  • Clara Posner ’22 will travel to London to document the experiences of London street skaters in 2021 and their reflections on the pandemic through both photography and interviews, and will explore how the subculture of skateboarding has changed over time.
  • Molly Zuckerman ’22 will examine the role of peace walls and murals in Belfast society to understand how walls maintain a sense of community and/or individual identity within the Catholic and Protestant populations there.

Paglia Post-Bac Research Fellowship

  • Jessalyn Ayars ’21 will conduct research in the field of quantitative ecology at the University of New Mexico for two years.
  • Haoyang (Anna) Li ’21 will conduct research in the field of psychology at Purdue University for two years.
  • April Reisenfeld ’21 will conduct research in the field of physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder for two years.

Nancy Wilkie Fellowship for Archaeological Field Experience

  • Kalju Maegi ’23 will take part in an archaeological dig in Portugal over the summer.

Winter 2020 Senior Comps Research Fellowship Recipients:

  • Rose Delle Fave ’21 (Political Science/International Relations)
  • Gavin Young ’21 (Studio Art, Biology)
  • Natalia Tu ’21 (Sociology/Anthropology)
  • Jacyn Schmidt ’21 (Geology)
  • Chyna Sanders ’21 (Sociology/Anthropology)
  • Asha Penprase ’21 (Political Science/IR)
  • Victor Mendoza-Garcia ’21 (Cinema and Media Studies)
  • Isabel Arevalo ’21 (Studio Art)
  • Lizbeth Ramírez Gaytán ’21 (Linguistics)
  • Trevor Hughes ’21 (Cognitive Science)
  • Anna Grove ’21 (Linguistics)