Each year Carleton-funded fellowships make it possible for a number of students to engage in independent research, explore their passions, or embark on an adventure. All of these opportunities are made possible by the generosity of Carleton alumni, parents and friends of the college; they are completed over a summer or during Carleton’s winter break.  The following is a summary of Carleton-funded fellowship recipients in 2014:

Class of 1963 Fellowships

  • Luke Fairchild ’15 will investigate shock-induced rock magnetism through fieldwork in the Slate Islands meteor impact structure and subsequent lab work at the University of California, Berkeley as a member of the Swanson-Hysell Research Team.
  • Sarah Goodman ’15 will research the experiences of recent Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers flowing into Ireland.  By partnering with community organizations and local councils, she expects to learn how immigrants are absorbed into Irish culture.   
  • Anna Persmark ’15 will travel to San Cristobal, Mexico to conduct ethnographic research. Through interviews, she will explore women’s well-being in times of social vulnerability, and how their experiences correspond to current social policy in Mexico.
  • Maddie Ulanow ’15 will travel to Finland, where the number of African refugees and immigrants has risen over the past ten years. She will compare the efforts and methods of rural communities to absorb these refugees to the experience of the refugee population in Faribault, Minnesota.

David C. Donelson ’77 Fund

  • Annika Ord ’14 will spend four weeks walking the Lost Coast from Gustavus to Yakutat, Alaska. On this contemplative journey, she wishes to revel in the wonder that comes with feeling small in a vast world. 
  • Oliver Heywood ’15 will attend the Ibiza Contact Festival in Spain to improve his technical dance skills amidst people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds.
  • Terrance (Porter) Truax ’16 will take a road trip in provincial France, where he will learn how to make wine and cheese from local farmers. 

Four Friends Fellowship

  • Gina Kabasakalis ’15 and Cassandra Prenn-Vasilakis ’15 will backpack along the traditional pilgrimage route of El Camino de Santiago in Spain, as they seek self-discovery and an appreciation of each other’s company.  
  • Mia Orans ’17 and Sarah Goldman ’17 will bike from Connecticut to Nova Scotia and visit four farms along the way.  They plan to lead bike tours to local farms when they return to Carleton.  

Dale and Elizabeth Hanson Fellowship in Ethics

  • Camila Flowerman ’15 will study the ethical considerations in environmental regulation and international environmental policies. Camila will also attend an international conference on development ethics and sustainability.
  • Zach Raph ’16 will investigate the nature of immersion within virtual game worlds and the question of ethics in video games.
  • Carolyn Friedhoff ’17 will research Japanese Confucian and neo-Confucian ethics and the extent to which they affect the practical moral codes governing contemporary Japanese society.

Independent Research Fellowships

  • Juhee Kang ’15 will investigate how public histories contribute to the making of contrasting images of “victim” and “traitor” among the historical actors who had experienced Japanese colonialism in Korea and China. She will also study how gender plays a role in the public representation of contested memories. 
  • Andrew Harvey ’15 will research violence in the Old Firm football rivalry in the context of sectarian tensions in Glasgow, Scotland at the beginning of the 20th century.  He will travel to Glasgow and Edinburgh to view primary sources, including newspaper police reports and club records.
  • Caroline Lauth ’15 will work as a geologist at an archaeological dig in Turkey, at the site of the ancient Roman city of Antiocha ad Cragum. She will conduct field work and expects to gain hands-on experience in excavation, GIS, and lab work.
  • Sam Powell ’15 will seek to understand the rich cultural importance of tea rituals in China and Japan, by traveling to the Lu Yu Tea Culture Institute in Shanghai and a Zen monastery in Japan. 

Neil Isaacs and Frank Wright Fellowship in Investigative Journalism

  • Claire Kelloway ’16 will be Carleton’s second intern with ProPublica, an independent, non-profit newsroom in New York City that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.

Kelley International Fellowships

  • Haley Ryan ’15 will travel to major cities and historical sites in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to document in video the ways that memories of conflict are kept alive or suppressed in contemporary societies.
  • Bailey Ulbricht ’15 will research the attitudes and expectations of Syrian refugees in Reyhanli, Turkey towards Western foreign policy. She will work through the NGO Watan Syria to gather first-person data and conduct interviews.

Larson International Fellowships

  • Emily Bernard ’15 will travel to Seville, Spain and Naxos, Greece to explore the world of Byron’s Don Juan, while working on a poetry sequence of her own.
  • Caroline Bolster ’15 will travel to Tunisia to research the political and cultural effects of the emerging rap music scene through interviews with listeners, reporters, and artists.
  • Charlotte Harris ’15 will examine the styles of curry in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. She will study the history and preparation of curries across the region by interviewing chefs, street vendors, and restaurant owners.
  • Stacey Johnson ’15 will be volunteering for Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi, a Bolivian NGO that operates three wildlife refuges.
  • Marie-Louise Keen ’15 will be volunteering at a summer camp for children of migrant workers in Beijing and interviewing their families. She will then visit the hometowns of some of the interviewees to better understand Chinese domestic migration. Her project will be co-conducted with Jacob Powell.
  • Ashanti Raheem Soldier ’15 will travel to London to document the underground culture of urban expressionism by working with established arts organizations, visiting festivals and galleries, and connecting with local artists.
  • Katie Koza ’16 will study the Scottish Highland Clearances’ impact on folk music by examining artifacts at the University of Edinburgh archives, visiting the Highlands, and attending fiddling school. She will also travel to Cape Breton Island in Canada to study fiddling and cultural preservation in the Scottish diaspora.

Allen and Irene Salisbury Fellowship

  • Travis Fried ’15 will travel to Nepal to examine how Buddhism provides models for self-healing and community out-reach for the Tibetan refugee population struggling to find access to jobs, housing, and civil protections.

Richard Salisbury Fellowship

  • Shaun Stewart ’15 will train with long distance runners in the mountains of Costa Rica, where he hopes to connect with local running clubs and immerse himself in a different running culture.

The Yueh-Townsend Asian Fellowship Fund

  • Jacob Powell ’15 will be volunteering at a summer camp for children of migrant workers in Beijing and interviewing their families. He will then visit some of their hometowns to better understand Chinese domestic migration. His project will be co-conducted by Marie Louise Keen.
  • Isabel Zeitz-Moskin ’15 will travel to Laos to study Hmong culture, particularly their understanding of wellness and spirituality as it relates to agriculture.   She will volunteer at a local organization dedicated to sustainable farming.