Each year Carleton students have the opportunity to apply for a number of opportunities that make it possible for them to explore their interests and passions through independent projects or through a wide variety of internships. A few of the opportunities simply give students the chance to stretch themselves. All of these opportunities are made possible by the generosity of Carleton alumni, parents and friends of the college (as opposed to grant-funded opportunities); they are completed over a summer or during Carleton’s winter break. 

The following is a summary of successful proposals in 2013; this summary does not include a wide variety of science opportunities also available to students.


Class of 1963 Fellowships

  • Gabriela Arteaga ’14 will conduct research for The Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade, Florida, which raises community awareness about domestic minor sex trafficking.
  • Mary Begley ’14 will observe and follow three punk bands in San Francisco, Iowa City, and on tour to study the state of America’s underground punk music scene. She will examine the rise of the DIY aesthetic from the post-punk era and investigate how modern underground punk operates outside of a corporate music structure.
  • Simon Ginet ’14 will attend a conference of educators at Iowa State University who teach musicians to retrain mind and body; subsequently he will conduct related field research in a yoga ashram. Focusing on the interrelation of mind, body, and culture, Simon will explore neuroanthropology through an ethnographic perspective.
  • Ellen McKinstry ’14 will travel to Northern Ireland to study the region’s complex history of religious and social conflict. She will investigate how that history is publicly represented in murals and archives in Belfast. Ellen will also attend and study two major public festivals: the Protestant “Orangefest” and the Catholic “Feile an Phobial” (Festival of the People).
  • Berett Wilber ’14 will travel to Southeast Alaska and explore the ways through which community, geography, and narrative intersect in relation to conservationism and sustainability. Through interviews, storytelling, and photography, Berett will study rural community in a human and environmental context.

Dale and Elizabeth Hanson Fellowship in Ethics

  • Jacob Hoerger ’14 will investigate the major philosophical and political works of Emmanuel Levinas and explore how Levinas’ conception of our infinite obligation to the Other might inform our political decisions. Next fall, Jacob will present a review of Levinas’ work for the Carleton community.
  • Christopher Wong ’14 will research the literature surrounding moral epistemology, moral relativism, and moral realism to explore how moral knowledge is epistemologically justified, and how this justification may be transferred to other moral beliefs. He will submit his resulting academic paper to an undergraduate journal.
  • Jasmine Zahid ’14 will investigate the autonomy of medical patients suffering from end stage renal disease. Through surveys and document analysis, her research project will look to verify whether in-center dialysis patients feel they have been given the information necessary to choose an appropriate treatment.

Independent Research Fellowships

  • Tina Chen ’14 will study the mystical and poetic aspects of nighttime landscapes by creating a series of paintings and drawings of the Carleton arboretum. Through this exploration of the sublime found in nature, Tina will create a collection of work documenting one of Carleton’s most prized resources.
  • Annika Ord ’14 will travel to Couverden, Alaska to study the human and natural history of the Icy Straits region. Her research will include a compilation of data from climate and flora and fauna surveys to provide an ecologic baseline of the area.
  • Ellie Schmidt ’14 will travel to Hawaii and research the relationship between art and environmental preservation. She will create a series of large-scale oil paintings based on a personal, artistic, and scientific exploration of the degradation of Hawaii’s coral reefs.

Kelley International Fellowships

  • Kelly Kapsar ’14 will work as an intern with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in northern Namibia. She will study wildlife conservation by assisting with the organization’s extensive study of cheetah populations.
  • Emily Lamberty ’14 will live and volunteer in the rural migrant communities of Cochabama, Bolivia. She will use formal and informal anthropological methods to study rural-to urban-migration and how it affects migrants’ conceptions of indigenous identity.
  • Canaan West ’14 will study the West African immigrant experience by traveling to Dakar, Senegal and Paris, France. She will compare the roles of movement – including dance, transportation, and travel – and investigate how they relate to conceptions of home in these two settings.

Larson International Fellowships

  • Zoe Craig ’14 will backpack across Iceland to study the island’s diverse landscapes. She will create art through multiple media – including watercolor, sketching, mapping, photography, poetry, and creative writing – and assemble a book documenting her walk.
  • Richa Sharma ’14 will travel to Nepal to participate in the repatriation efforts of Bhutanese Lhotsampas refugees, ethnically Nepali people from Southern Bhutan. She will work with the organization Bhatanese Refugees Aiding the Victims of Violence to investigate some of the issues facing the smaller nations in Asia.
  • Andrew Shulman ’14 will travel to the Costa Rican rainforest to live at Finca Bellavista, a sustainable tree house community founded by American expatriates. He will explore the values, practices, and structures of intentional sustainable communities and investigate the ways in which they are integrated.
  • Pachee Vang ’14 will travel to rural Hmong villages in Thailand to live among Hmong refugees of the Vietnam War. She will observe their daily lives and record how Hmong identity and culture has changed in the foreign setting of rural Thailand.
  • Kyohei Yazawa ’14 is interested in the role of music in the creation of a new national identity in Yerevan, Armenia. By working with musicians at the forefront of both popular and traditional Armenian music, Kyohei hopes to better understand the relationship between these differing traditions and how they relate to national identity and historical memory.
  • Grace Zahrah ’14 will travel to Lebanon to connect with family and better understand the intersection of politics, Arab culture, and the expanding medium of cinema. She will shoot a short meditative film in the village of Kfifan about the lives of Arab women in an exploration of cultural relations through experimental documentary.

Allen and Irene Salisbury Fellowship

  • In Taek Hong ’15 will research North Korean war orphanages in Lwowek, Poland and Bucharest, Romania. In 1952, North Korea sent 3,785 orphans to various communist counties, including Romania, to be educated for building “communist solidarity international.” Through this project, In Taek will explore the international relationships among communist countries in the early Cold War period.

Richard Salisbury Fellowship

  • Jesse Gourevitch ’14 will volunteer for SOS Tartarugas, a sea turtle research and conservation organization on Sal Island, Cape Verde. He will observe the organization’s nest relocation and ecotourism programs and explore how these conservation activities affect hatching success rates in sea turtles.
  • Nina Shapiro ’14 will travel to Mexico to examine how the photography and writings of Gertrude Blom transformed the image of the Lacandon Maya from “savages” to “sages.” She will work at Na Bolom, a Lacandon research and cultural center in San Cristobal, Mexico, and conduct photo interviews with the Lacandon themselves in eastern Chiapas.

The Strang Prize

  • Gabriel Rudin ’14 will travel to Denmark to study the nation’s inter-Nordic and international relationships. His project will explore the dynamics of Denmark’s relationship with the United States and how Denmark’s political and social history in Scandinavia has shaped its modern global identity.

Four Friends Fellowship

  • Jonathan Kagan-Kans ’14 and Marcus Porter Rider ’14 will become SCUBA certified in the Bahamas and eventually dive with reef sharks. Their goal is to better understand and appreciate these near-endangered animals with a dangerous reputation. The title of their project is “Sharks are friends, not food.”
  • Tessa “Ellie” Schmidt ’14 and Grace Zahrah ’14 will travel across the American West in December of this year to create an experimental, loose-narrative film in tribute to their favorite American artists including Ansel Adams, Georgia O’Keeffe, and the Beat poets. They will submit their project to several experimental film festivals, in addition to sharing it with the Carleton community with a showing when they return.

 The Donelson Award

  • Josh Carson ‘14 and Jukie Tsai ’14 will travel to Thailand to spend ten days in a silent retreat at an international Dharma hermitage. The Donalson fund is intended to support the very spirit of a liberal arts education through the funding of a student or students to, in the words of Walt Whitman, “loaf and invite the soul” through a special project, trip or other initiative. Josh and Jukie are our first Donelson recipients.


Neil Isaacs and Frank Wright Fellowship in Investigative Journalism

  • Jonathan Lin ’13 will be Carleton’s first intern with ProPublica, an independent, non-profit newsroom in New York City that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.

Initiative for Service Internships in International Development

  • Will Biagi ’14, Tori Ostenso ’15, and Anna Persmark ‘15 will all volunteer at The Light and Leadership Initiative, a non-profit educational program for women and children in Huaycan, a large shantytown near Lima, Peru. They will live within the Huaycan community and teach a variety of classes, including English, physical education, nutrition, math, computer skills, and more.
  • Maddy Crowell ’14 will work with the Del Aid Foundation, a non-profit organization in Ghana that promotes democracy and objective journalism. Maddy will work with the organization’s newspaper branch, “The Mail,” and assist locals in pitching, editing, interviewing, and writing articles.
  • Kira Faller ’14 will intern in Ecuador at the United to Benefit Ecuadorian Children, International, an organization that provides at-risk children the resources they need to succeed in school. Kira will work with local teachers and community leaders to teach hygienic and recreational habits and to help the children develop social skills and means of self-expression.
  • Lauren Linde ’14 and Amelia Piazza ’14 will work in Ethiopia for the Global Team for Local Initiatives, an NGO that assist indigenous communities in adapting to social, economic, and climate change variability, while retaining their traditional cultural values. Lauren will work with Hamar communities in remote southwest Ethiopia, surveying villages and collecting and managing data.
  • Julian Skotheim ’15 will work at Lumbini Academy, a bilingual elementary and middle school in Yangon, Myanmar. The program is designed to give students an affordable education in a country that is rapidly modernizing and has traditionally had a very troubled educational system. He will teach English and help to organize an English language teaching curriculum.

MCAN Scholars

  • Tanmay Annachhatre ’14 will intern in Los Angeles, CA with The Veloz Group. With this summer internship, he will see modern entrepreneurship at work and learn how this organization builds businesses across many different industries, including business, engineering, and media.
  • Yuna Choi ’14 will intern with the Laboratory for Clinical and Experimental Psychopathy at the Dr. John C. Corrigan Mental Health Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Her summer internship is conducted through the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.
  • Eden Mussie ’15 will intern with the Arthritis Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin. At the Foundation’s headquarters for the Upper Midwest Region, Eden will see how this large nonprofit organization serves and supports 2.2 million people with arthritis and related conditions across four states.
  • Shanna Yang ’14 will work as a research intern in the Department of Biology at Rocky Mountain College, a small liberal arts college in Billings, Montana.
  • Ashanti Soldier ’15 will spend the summer in New York City interning with But Now What, a website for college seniors and recent graduates preparing for life after college. The focus of his internship is developing social media resources for a young adult audience.
  • Swathi Varanasi ’14 will intern with the organization MEDLIFE in Lima, Peru. With this summer internship, she will observe how an international organization works to improve poor communities’ access to medicine, education, and community development.

Richard T. Newman Family Fund for Language Study Internships

  • Gillian Fitz ’14 will intern at the Paracelus University Clinic, a private medical school in Salzburg, Austria. She will work primarily in women’s health and obstetrics, as well as in various internal developments such as assessment and record keeping and documentation.
  • Bailey Ulbricht ’15 will travel to Turkey to work for Watan, a non-religious, apolitical non-profit founded and run by Syrians that provides aid to Syrian refugees. Bailey will rely on Arabic to teach basic English to refugee children in addition to teaching basic computer skills to refugee women and assisting Watan with administrative duties.

Social Justice Internships

  • Emily Ager ’13 will intern at Partners in Health in Boston, MA, with their Engage program to support efforts toward healthcare equity by advocating for health policy change, educating the public on critical health rights issues, and generating further resources to improve health care access.
  • Emily Boghossian ’14 will work as a program intern at 826Boston, a free tutoring program in Boston, MA for under-resourced children. Emily will be running writing workshops, organizing tutoring and in-school projects, and mentoring teen staff members.
  • Molly Burness ’15, Erica Cruz ’15, and Claire Leichter ’14 will work at the Rice County, MN HealthFinders clinic with Charlie Mandile ’07. At the free clinic’s Pura Vida Healthy Lifestyles and Diabetes Clinic programs, they will build outreach, conduct evaluations, and help to translate between doctors and patients.
  • Allie Cardiel ’13 worked at Sustain Dane in Madison, WI, this past winter with individual businesses and a business network to help them take advantage of sustainability resources in an effort to reduce waste and energy use, and create a healthy and vibrant workplace.
  • Adele Daniel ’14 will work at Legal Aid of Western Missouri in Kansas City, MO as a liaison to community organizations. With this internship, Adele will help to find beneficial solutions for abandoned lots and other housing issues affecting immigrant and migrant worker communities.
  • Katherine Goodyear ’14 and Gabe Keller ’13 will intern at Advocates for Human Rights in Minneapolis with the Immigrants Rights Monitoring Project. They will help assess the experience of new immigrants to Minnesota by meeting with individuals and immigrant groups, documenting their experiences and opinions, and researching other statistics.
  • Meg Holladay ’14 will work at EducaVision, a publishing company in Pompano Beach, FL, that specializes in Caribbean studies. In addition to assisting in the publisher’s efforts to improve literacy, elementary education, and language rights in Haiti, Meg hopes to improve her Creole with this internship.
  • Sam Feigenbaum ’14 will intern at the New York City Council Policy Office to learn the craft of local government and politics. He will work with the Senior Policy Analyst to develop and implement various policy initiatives, as well as volunteer with the campaign of a NYC mayoral candidate.
  • Matthew Fitzgerald ’14 and Henry Neuwirth ’13 will work at Sound Alliance in Seattle, WA with Joe Chrastil ’78, to learn the skills of broad-based community organizing. They will attend community meetings, help to develop strategies around various issues, and attend one-to-one meetings as well as the national training program with Industrial Areas Foundation Northwest.
  • Shantrice King ’13 will work with BLK Projek, an economic development program for low-income women of color in the South Bronx, New York City. At this internship, she will assist in the creation and administration of a mobile food market in the “food desert” of the Hunts Point neighborhood.
  • Julia Krumholz ’16 will intern in Boston, MA, at the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, where she will help with grant writing, communication and outreach through social media, and research and data analysis surrounding the work of IJDH’s many social justice programs in Haiti.
  • Mariveliz Ortiz ’13 will develop an archive about the history of Latinos in Northfield for the Northfield Historical Society. She will gather oral histories and information about various programs and businesses, as well as train Latino high school students to collect additional oral histories themselves.
  • Nikki Rhodes ’14 will intern at OneAmerica in Vancouver, WA, where she will work on the organization’s comprehensive immigration reform project. With this project, Nikki will help to educate lawmakers and build connections between community activists and immigrants.
  • Eli Robiner ’14 will work at the Animal Rights Coalition in Minneapolis with other volunteers to run various events and campaigns. With this internship, Eli will learn firsthand about the inner workings of an animal rights non-profit organization.
  • Porter Truax ’16 will work as a paralegal intern at the Lawndale Christian Legal Center, a pro bono law firm in Chicago, where he will be a youth mentor, help to write subpoenas, and join in case visits. With this internship, Porter will learn about urban poverty, criminal justice, and what it is like to be a public defense lawyer.
  • Matt Weinstein ’14 will intern at the Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative in St. Paul with Lee Roderick Blons ’82. Matt will work with various religious congregations in combating homelessness by building low-income housing, providing homeless shelters, supporting transitional housing programs, and advocating for legislative changes.
  • Robin Wonsley ’13 will work at Life Builders, a community center in Chicago that assists formerly incarcerated black women in their transition back into life “outside.” Robin will help to strengthen internal organizational relationships and build partnerships with local organizations and civic leaders.  

Class of 1960 Developing Civic Leaders in Nonprofits Internship Fund

  • Sara Brooks ’15 will intern at Delancey Street, a leading residential self-help organization in San Francisco, CA for former substance abusers, ex-convicts, the homeless, and more. Sara will work with the residents at Delancey Street, who range from teenagers to senior citizens and include men and women of all races and ethnicities.
  • Julia Snyder ’14 will work at Face to Face, an community clinic in St. Paul, MN that offers integrated mental health, medical, and case management services to youth and families. As part of her internship, Julia will work with Safezone, the clinic’s drop-in center for homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth.
  • Kelsey Swyter ’14 will intern with the Davis Phinney Foundation in Boulder, CO, where she will help people with Parkinson’s disease. Kelsey will assist in providing essential information, practical tools, and inspiration to individuals, families, and communities affected by this disease.

Creating Rewarding Educational Development Opportunities (CREDO)

  • Carly Davidson ’15 will intern with the United States State Department at the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal. As a Public Diplomacy Intern in the Office of Public Affairs, Carly will assist in conducting the Embassy’s media relations and educational and cultural programs. This work will include drafting, editing, and translating government documents, reports, and promotional materials.

The M. Leith Shackel ’29 Internship

  • Camila Flowerman ’15 will intern with KWMR Community Radio in western Marin County, CA. At KWMR, Camila will organize a youth radio program to engage local youth in radio and production and to provide them a platform to explore alternative forms of media, such as literature and music, on the air.
  • Connor Hodges ’15 will intern at the University of Delaware with the Epps Research group, where he will work with Professor Epps on the synthesis and characterization of polymer-peptide hybrid materials and drug delivery in biological systems. More simply put, Connor will study how the molecules are formed and determine the structure of those molecules.

Sam ’75 And Meg Woodside Endowed Fund for Career Exploration

  • Brendan Fowl ’14 will work at the University of Maryland School of Medicine at the Albuquerque Lab in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. He will assist in a project that tests the central hypothesis that developmental neurotoxicity in guinea pigs can be counteracted by galantamine, a drug approved to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Sara Klugman ’14 will intern at the African Services Committee, a multi-service agency operating out of Harlem in New York City that assists African refugees and immigrants from across the African continent. Sara will use her French language skills to teach ESL to members of the French-speaking immigrant community. She will also assist in the production of an educational film in French focused on HIV education and prevention.
  • Alex Leal ’15 will intern at the University of Minnesota’s Stem Cell Institute, one of the nation’s leaders in stem cell research. Alex will work on bone marrow transplant research, in which he will make microglia, a type of immune cell that helps certain beneficial enzymes cross the blood-brain barrier, thus making treatments more effective.
  • Lucy Livesay ’14 will work with the Catamount Institute, a non-profit dedicated to promoting ecological stewardship and curiosity in the Colorado Springs, CO. Lucy will be a guide intern for the Institute’s summer camp program; she will work with children ages 6-16 to develop their connection to the natural world through scientifically-informed outdoor learning and exploration.
  • Hannah Tuggle ’14 will work at OutFront Minnesota, a Minneapolis-based non-profit that advocates for complete equality for LBGT people in Minnesota. As an Anti-Violence Program intern, she will assist the organization’s efforts in the areas of public policy and community organizing. Additionally, Hannah will work with OutFront’s community education and training programs.
  • Anna Zimmer ’15 will intern at the University of Chicago with the Ted Mullin Fund in cancer research, where she will assist Dr. John Cunningham with stem cell transplant research. Anna’ internship is supported in part by the Hour of Power, an annual Carleton fundraiser.

2013 Student Internships Fund

  • Jeffrey Berg ’14 will work at the University of Zurich in the Department of Political Science. Jeffrey will assist the research team of Professor Steenbergen, primarily investigating the neurological foundations of political ambivalence. His internship will result in a paper for potential publication.
  • Jumaanah Flowers ’16 will intern with the Nielson Company in New York City where she will develop her interest in business and communication studies. As a public affairs intern, Jumaanah’s responsibilities include developing and maintaining communications lists, building relationships with the public and local and national organizations, and assisting with other administrative duties.
  • Diana Fraser ’14 will intern at the Office of Global Intergovernmental Affairs at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C., which serves as a bridge between state and local legislators and their sub-national counterparts abroad. Diana will engage with U.S. and foreign audiences to explain the work of the office, as well as assist in various administrative duties.
  • Daniel Motta ’14 will intern with the Washington, D.C. Public Schools with the Urban Education Leaders Internship Program. Daniel will see how an urban school district faces problems of inequality and in closing the achievement gap. He will also hear a variety of speakers that work in the private, public, and non-profit sectors of education. 
  • Katarina Rolf ’15 will work with Panacetacea, an organization on the Gulf of Chiriqui in Panama that is dedicated to the research and conservation of humpback whales. Katarina will assist with all research tasks, especially in studying the migration of individual whales from the Southern hemisphere to their calving and breeding grounds off the coast of Panama.