Each year Carleton students have the opportunity to apply for a number of fellowships that allow them to follow their interests through projects completed over the summer or winter. As always, this year’s applicants proposed a fascinating and exciting array of projects. The following is a summary of the selected proposals.

Class of 1963 Fellowships

Veasey Conway ’12 will be spending a summer in Cairo, Illinois, examining America’s struggle with race and class through a photographic lens. Through the use of 35mm film, he hopes to create a coherent photographic essay that explores the complex issues of race and class in rural America.

Rebecca Frumkin ’12 will be visiting Zurich to research James Joyce and the creation of his work, Ulysses. She has been invited to study at the James Joyce Foundation where she will have access to a large collection of research materials, seminars, lectures, and discussion groups. She hopes to understand how Joyce’s vision came to shape literary modernism.

Elizabeth Nachman ’12 will be living in the Loja province of Ecuador assessing the merits of the “huerta” agriculture system. She plans to investigate the “huerta” system as a way to increase food security and sustainability and will be reporting her results to a local NGO. 

ENTS Summer Internships

SS Rishad ’12 received the Adelaide H. Matteson Service Internship. He will intern at The Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado.

Rose Cherneff ‘13 will intern at City Sprouts in Cambridge, MA, a non-profit which develops, implements and maintains school gardens and integrates gardens into the public school curriculum.

Anna Poaster ‘12 will be interning for Women’s Housing and Economic Development (WHED) Corp, an urban farming cooperative in the Bronx.

Dale and Elizabeth Hanson Fellowship in Ethics

Daniel Forman ’12 will be conducting library research on the psychological bases of moral judgment. He intends to compare different psychological theories of moral judgment and explore the significance of ethical judgments being formed through particular psychological processes.

Muira McCammon ’13 is interested in how academic dishonesty is understood in British undergraduate institutions. She plans to produce a research paper on the key differences between UK and US approaches to maintaining undergraduate academic integrity and students’ rights.

Hannah Trees ’12 will be conducting research focused on the philosophical question of moral objectivity. She plans to produce an essay on the issue and consequences of moral absolutism. 

Independent Research Fellowships

Russell Buehler ’12 (with Abram Jopp ’12) intend to spend a summer studying applied logic. In particular, they hope to create an algorithm that elegantly solves logical problems or a proof of why such an algorithm must inevitably fail.

Anna Fure-Slocum ’12 will be examining the differences in perceptions, experiences, and expectations of the American public education system from the perspective of immigrant parents. She plans to accomplish this goal through conversations, interviews, and observation of Somali and Latino parents with school aged children in Faribault, Minnesota.  

Ian Glander ’12 will be exploring the benefits and shortcomings of a particular form of analysis used by the American intelligence community. He will be researching “Red Team” strategies and their use in the intelligence community and intends to examine case studies and contact American intelligence professionals.

Abram Jopp ’12 (along with Russell Buehler ’12) intend to spend a summer studying applied logic. In particular, they hope to create an algorithm that elegantly solves logical problems or a proof of why such an algorithm must inevitably fail.

Caroline Millington ’12 will be exploring the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ struggle to protect its identity in the face of Utah’s integration into the union during the second half of the 19th century. Through close reading of diaries of Mormon pioneers she will explore how citizens engaged with the Gentile threat to their communities.

Heather Yang ’12 will spend the summer in California refining a mixed-media graphic book detailing her experience as an Asian-New Zealander. She hopes to create an artistic work that makes the narrative of racial awareness easily accessible to the modern day audience.

Mercy Burr-McNeal ’12 will be creating and implementing a child abuse-prevention project for the Memphis, Tennessee, Leading Every Day organization. This project will including developing, teaching, and disseminating a curriculum designed to educate mothers about child abuse prevention.

Jonathan Paradise Israel Experience Scholarship

Scott Graber ’13 will study Hebrew in an intensive Ulpan (language course) at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Rachel June-Graber ’13 will study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in a program run by Harvard University: Harvard Summer Program in Jerusalem, Israel: Jewish history from antiquity to the present.

Kelley International Fellowships

Alex Korunsky ’12 will be travelling high in the Peruvian Andes to explore the important archaeological cave of Mollepunku. He hopes to investigate the multiples uses to which this site is put and the culturally conditioned limitations which locals believe should be placed on its development.

Larson International Fellowshis

Ariana Abadian-Heifetz ’12 will be journeying to India to travel the path Persian Zoroastrians took to escape persecution following Islamic conquest 1,400 years ago. In several communities she will explore Zoroastrian fire temples and interview contemporary practitioners in order to understand perseverance in the face of persecution and to better understand her own roots.

James Beck ’12 will be observing differing Uyghur communities across China. Through his travels across China, James intends to gain experiential understanding of the contrasting identity of modern Uyghur entrepreneurs and fundamentalist Muslim Uyghurs.

Peter Kerns ’12 will be traveling to France and Belgium to immerse himself in the culture of French and Belgian food. He plans to spend time in both Southeastern France working as an apprentice to a cheese maker and biking across Belgium exploring traditional Belgian breweries.

Hai Hoang Ngo ’12 will be journeying to Vietnam to explore the complex philosophical issue of self-discovery. Specifically, he intends to exhibit photography as a tool for self-exploration and a medium of introspection.

David Tullis ’12 will be exploring the relationship between art and politics as manifested by music in Nigeria. In particular, he will be investigating Lagbaja, a Nigerian musician known for his masked performances and concern for working-class people.

Alfred Yeung ’12 will be traveling to Japan to study the process of amalgamation in Japanese architecture. His project will explore both ancient Japanese architecture and the works of contemporary Japanese architects. He hopes to understand the process by which Western ideas mingle with traditional Japanese concepts and the international architecture produced by the mingling. 

The Strang Prize

James Lu Morrissey ’12 (along with Guan Guan ’12) will be venturing to China to investigate aspects of Chinese students’ satisfaction with college life in the U.S. Together, they intend to interview both current Chinese students in American universities and Chinese graduates who are currently residing in China.

Allen and Irene Salisbury Fellowship

Laura Hockenbury ’12 will be tracing the Arun River as it flows through Nepal as part of a process of investigating human impact on the river. Along the way, she will take water samples, perform water quality tests, and interact with locals to understand their perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes towards the river.

Guan Guan ’12 (along with James Lu Morrissey ’12) will be venturing to China to investigate aspects of Chinese students’ satisfaction with college life in the U.S. Together, they intend to interview both current Chinese students in American universities and Chinese graduates who are currently residing in China.

Richard Salisbury Fellowship

Erin Gudul ’12 will be analyzing the fair trade Women’s Weaving Initiative in Peru. She is particularly concerned with the weaving cooperative’s ability to promote the social and economic empowerment of women, while preserving the Quechua cultural practices. Her research includes interviews, visits, conversations, and work in a weaving store.

Initiative for Service Internships in International Development

Jason Anderson ’12 will work with the Center for Development with Dignity in Lima, Peru to run a community center in an impoverished neighborhood known as La Encantada. Jason will be living at the center, teaching classes in English, providing academic support to the community, and running after-school programs.

Dennis Ea ‘13 will travel to Kampala, Uganda as part of a volunteer medical team. Through Health Volunteers Overseas, Dennis will help supply orphanages with basic medical supplies and develop metrics to assess the team’s effectiveness.

Renaud Hien ’12 will intern with Tiètar, a local NGO in Burkina Faso. Renaud will be working with secondary students from rural impoverished families to engage them in summer poultry farming so that they will be able to self-finance their education.

Reed Jordan ’13 will work with Proworld in Peru to install clean-burning cooking stoves into the homes of rural Peruvians in the Sacred Valley. In addition to constructing and repairing the stoves, Reed will also develop education materials to teach the benefits of the stoves and administer health surveys to past recipients.

Hannah Kyle ’12 will work at the Center for the Working Girl (CENIT), an NAO in Quito, Ecuador that strives to help poor working children and their families better their quality of life. Hannah will be going to Ecuadorian street markets to help small groups of working children with homework.

William Ladner ’12 will be participating in Child Family Health International’s Infectious Disease Eradication in Amazonian and Highland Ecuador volunteer internship program. William will spend two weeks volunteering at the Centro de Biomedicina in Quito and four weeks in the small Amazonian town of Puyo, where he will participate in the development of public health education.

Sylvie Lam ’12 will work as midwifery intern in rural Sri Lanka. Sylvie will be shadowing a doctor and will be actively engaged in rounds and patient care. Sylvie will also be staying with a local homestay family and volunteering in the community.

Jesse Pitman ’12 will work with the Light and Leadership Initiative, a non-profit based in Illinois which runs a community education center outside of Lima, Peru. The Light and Leadership Initiative focuses on providing women with the tools necessary to maintain their families and become leaders in their community. Jesse will be planning and teaching English classes for both children and adults.

Puja Patel ’12 will work with Unite For Sight, a volunteer organization located in Accra, Ghana. Puja will be assisting ophthalmologists in providing eye care for patients living in extreme poverty, distributing medication and eyeglasses, and providing health education in local villages.

Richard T. Newman Family Fund for Language Study Internships

Hannah Lucal ’12 will work for the International Center for Reproductive Health in Ghent, Belgium. Hannah’s internship will focus on honor-related violence, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation, and other issues of gender-based violence.

Molly Rapaport ’13 will work for the U.S. Consulate General in Strasbourg, France. Molly will attend meetings between U.S. and foreign officials, arrange exchange programs, and assist the Consulate staff with a variety of tasks.

Social Justice Internships

Patrick Burke ’14 will be working with the Opening Doors Immigration Service in Denton, TX.  While Patrick is learning the immigration process and the workings of a non-profit legal office, he will be assisting clients seeking help with immigration, citizenship, domestic violence, or human trafficking. 

Clare Carlson ’11 will work with the Legal Rights Center in Minneapolis.  She will gain experience in public advocacy, working with criminal and juvenile defense cases and client communications.  Clare will also help with evidence review, legal research and writing, witness interviews, and juror observation.

Daria Kieffer ’13 will intern with the Twin Cities Summer of Solutions.  She will be working in low income neighborhoods, helping with urban farming projects and selling cooperatives, as well as identifying needed policy shifts.  She will also be part of the leadership trainings within the Summer of Solutions community.

Becca Litwin ’12 will intern with Planned Parenthood in New York City.  She will be assisting with advocacy work, providing client support, and working with “Project Street Beat”, their HIV prevention and care program, doing outreach, conducting intakes, and helping the medical staff.

Tenzin Nordon ’11 will work with the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota, helping to bring them together with other organizations to co-sponsor college access workshops and other programs.  In addition to helping them launch new initiatives, she hopes to learn more about non-profit administration.

Kristen Vellinger ’12 will intern with the Coalition for Social Finance.  She will be working with community groups and investors across the world to create a report on best practices for incorporating community voices and needs into investment projects in the developing world.

Nick Welna ’12 will work with Stand for Children in Memphis, TN.  Nick will be leading workshops for high school students to reflect on their education, imagine alternatives, and develop plans for implementing this change.  The students will then write a report for school and public officials on student-led education reform. 

Johanna Williams ’12 will work with the World Institute on Disability in Berkeley, CA.  She will be doing research and writing on health care and work benefits for youth and adults with disabilities that will be used on the WID’s interactive website, “Disability Benefits 101”. 

Winnie Zwick ’13 will intern with the Youth Farm and Market Project in Minneapolis.  She will be working with projects in two low income neighborhoods, coordinating program staff and youth in the farming and distribution of the produce, while helping to build skills and community in those neighborhoods.

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