• Eleanor “Ele” Hansen, age 92, passed away on Saturday, July 20 in Northfield. Hired by President Gould in 1952, Ele chaired the Women’s Physical Education Department, taught PE classes, and coached women’s softball and cross-country for 34 years, until her retirement in 1986. She remained such a strong supporter of Carleton and individual members of the college community that many didn’t feel she ever really retired. Ele had a joyful approach to life that was infectious and uplifting.

  • Roy Grow

    17 June 2013

    Professor Roy Grow passed away on June 16th, surrounded by his family at home in Northfield. Roy began teaching at Carleton in 1979, and retired this spring as the Frank B. Kellogg Professor of International Relations. He was known for his uncommon dedication to students, inviting them into his home, leading them to China, and keeping up with graduates all around the world.

  • Carol Thunem

    7 June 2013

    Carol Thunem, age 65, passed away on June 4th at her home on Circle Lake after an extended illness. Carol began working at Carleton as the Switchboard Operator from 1997-2000. She then worked in Technical Services at the Library from 2000-2009, before taking positions in Archives and Periodicals from 2009 until her retirement in June 2012. Carol had an enthusiasm and positive outlook on life that inspired all those who knew and worked with her.

  • George McCorkell

    7 June 2013

    George McCorkell, age 79, passed away on June 4th in Northfield. George worked as a painter at Carleton from 1987 to 1997. He had also done a considerable amount of painting for Carleton before that, while working for Young’s Painting of Dundas. George was known as a very friendly, personable, courteous, and sincere person. George’s wife, Lavonne, worked at the Carleton Library for two decades prior to her 1999 retirement.

  • Brian Mars

    29 April 2013

    Chemistry Lab Manager Brian Mars, 65, passed away on Saturday, April 27 at his home in Cannon Falls. Brian had just received recognition last week for 30 years of work at Carleton, having joined the Carleton Chemistry Department in June of 1983. Brian was a vital component of the teaching and research mission of the department, and he excelled at solving problems associated with installing, maintaining, and operating equipment and instruments in the chemistry department.

  • Paul Jensen

    14 May 2012

    Professor of biology emeritus Paul Jensen, 91, passed away in California on May 12. Paul taught biology at Carleton for 31 years, arriving as an instructor in 1955 and retiring as professor emeritus in 1986. Paul was an ecologist before that was a common word. He cared deeply about the environment and communicated his passion for nature to his students and on alumni reunion nature walks. He was married to Marie Jensen ’47, who taught piano at Carleton and who died this past October. Together they had three children, Katherine (deceased in 1963), Niels, and Karen.  In keeping with Paul Jensen’s request, Arboretum Director Nancy Braker ’81 will lead a contemplative walk in Paul’s memory at McKnight Prairie on Sunday, June 17th, from 7:15a.m. to 9:15am.  Please meet in front of the Recreation Center at 7:15a.m. to car pool with alumni.  Paul taught Biology at Carleton for 31 years. 

  • Former Carleton art professor Raymond “Jake” Jacobson, age 91, passed away on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Jake taught art, especially sculpture, for 31 years at Carleton, arriving in 1955 as an assistant professor of art and retiring as professor emeritus in 1986. Jake was known for the vast amounts of time and wisdom he gave both to his students and to his colleagues. He was patient, but professional, expecting the highest quality.

  • Reed Whittemore

    9 April 2012

    Edward Reed Whittemore, Jr. passed away on Friday, April 6th after a long illness. He was 92. Reed taught at Carleton in the English department from 1947 to 1969. He founded “The ­Carleton Miscellany,” a nationally acclaimed literary magazine published quarterly at Carleton from 1960-1980.

  • David Maitland

    27 February 2012

    David Maitland, former Carleton College Chaplain, passed away at age 89 on Feb 22nd in Northfield. David was the Carleton Chaplain for 30 years, beginning in 1956. He was also a member of the Religion Department and taught a wide range of courses on religion and faith.

  • George Soule

    16 February 2012

    George Soule died at age 81 on Saturday, Dec. 24, 2011, at United Hospitals, St. Paul, after a short illness. A service to remember and celebrate George’s life will be held during Carleton’s Alumni Reunion weekend on Friday, June 15th, at 9:30 am at the Carleton Chapel. A 1951 graduate of Carleton, he earned a Ph.D. in English Literature at Yale University in 1960 and joined Carleton’s faculty as an assistant professor in 1962. He directed Carleton’s Centennial Celebration and founded the Carleton Summer Writing Program. He was chair of the English Department from 1980 to 1983 and retired as a professor emeritus in 1995. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Soule, of Northfield; daughter, Kate Soule, of Etna, N.H.; and two granddaughters.