Noel Williams

12 October 2016
Noel Williams
Noel Williams

Noel Williams, 58, died on Monday, Oct 10th, at home in Elysian, MN, in a yard work accident.  Noel had worked as a Security Supervisor at Carleton since 1989.

Wayne Eisenhuth, Director of Security, wrote:

Noel was a loyal employee, a dedicated family man and a GREAT friend. He was an avid outdoorsman who could build and/or fix anything. Whenever I was notified that there would be special event taking place on campus, the first thing I would do is check the work schedule to see if Noel was working the day of the event. If he was scheduled, I was relieved… if he wasn’t, I knew that he would offer to work the event… unless he was hunting or fishing that day! Everyone in the Security department would agree that Noel was “The BEST of all of us.”

Please keep Noel’s wife, their family, and all of his co-workers and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Noel’s full obituary is available on the Dennis Funeral Services website.

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  • 2016-10-12 12:20:47
    Steve Romenesko

    I worked with Noel pretty regulary and he had such a goofy sense of humor that I really enjoyed.  He was a great colleague and somebody who I came to look forward to seeing over my time working at Carleton.  He was always quick to make a joke when you didn't expect it and he always had a smile on his face

  • 2016-10-12 12:40:00
    Linda H. Thornton, Business Office

    Whenever I came into the Business Office late at night or on weekends my call to "check in" with Security was often answered by Noel who always offered comforting assurance.  "Sounds good, I've got you."  It always felt good to know someone was looking out for me, you'll be missed!

  • 2016-10-12 16:09:23
    Scott and Laurie Ayers

    Noel was a great friend!!  He will be sadly missed.  We will never forget all the great memories of going up north with our families, four wheeling, fishing, playing cards and the fun we had dancing!!!!  Noel loved to dance to good old Rock and Roll!!!  We send prayers and love to Karen, Samantha, Cody & Gavin.

    A Great man was taken too soon from us all!!

  • 2016-10-13 11:13:12
    Sean Kennedy

    I worked security as a student and had the chance to know Noel. He was a good man and taught me a lot on the job. Noel and Wayne even helped me learn how to drive. Carleton was lucky to have him.

  • 2016-10-13 14:08:33
    Chad Alladin

    I'm not sure how many people are aware, but Noel was my uncle(my mom's brother).  I really appreciate seeing people's comments.  I will share these with my family.  Thank you!

  • 2016-10-13 20:33:03
    Matt Urch

    Some of my best memories of my time as a student at Carleton came from working with Noel.  I learned a lot from him about the value of treating people with respect, even if they were being difficult - skills that have helped me in my careers as a park ranger and high school teacher.  I also remember lots of laughter, because Noel was one of the funniest storytellers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

  • 2017-08-28 13:34:47

    Noel was an amazing person who loved his job and cared for the students.