Jean Osman

12 June 2020
Jean Osman

Jean Osman, age 90, died on May 17th in Rochester, MN. Jean was an instructor in Education at Carleton from 1975–1986. She returned as a tutor and tester in the Learning Center from 2000–2002.

Jean was a trailblazer for state and national organizations that work for students with dyslexia. She co-founded the Reading Center/Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota in about 1956 and later became its Executive Director. She especially trained teachers and tutored students using the Orton-Gillingham approach. Jean remained engaged with this work even into this year.

A more complete description of her work can be found at The Reading Center’s site.

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  • 2021-07-22 20:40:41
    Charles Sheffield

    What to say about Jean, a Humanitarian, Defender of Dyslexics and trainer of teachers and tutors. More than that a Friend. She has a command of language of very few people I have known. Her knowledge of Orton-Gillingham Philosophy of teaching allowed her to meet the many needs of many dyslexics and many teachers. Myself, I am an adult dyslexic, with two masters degrees, one in Counseling. Although I was never tutored by Jean, I wish I was, I did take many of Jean's Workshops and some of her practicums, where I found a love for the language and she helped to fill in the pieces I had missed. I was also lucky that she stayed with my Mom Betty and My Dad Sam at our house during some of her practicum workshops and got to know Jean as a person. Thank you Jean. You will be missed! -Charlie Sheffield, BA, M.ED, MA, Cincinnati OH

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