Graham Kimble

14 March 2016
Graham Kimble
Graham Kimble

Graham Kimble, age 85, died on March 2nd in Casper, Wyoming. Graham worked at Carleton from 1964–1980 as an instructor in Mathematics, Director of Data Processing, Director of the Computer Center, and Director of Computing Activities. He helped students, administrative offices, and academic departments learn about and use computers in innovative ways. 

Graham deserves recognition for helping Carleton be a pioneer in the field of computing, but he humbly gave the credit to enthusiastic and imaginative students and alumni. He was an open, upbeat, and encouraging mentor to many people, and had a wide network of friends extending from Physical Education and the Chapel to the Carleton Shop. He was also a Carleton parent and grandparent. 

Graham’s wide ranging interests and friendships extended into the community. He was a city councilor and an interim mayor of Northfield.  His full obituary can be read on the Northfield News website.

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  • 2016-03-14 15:04:35
    Charlene Hamblin

    My condolences to Graham's family on this loss; what a kind-hearted person and always a smile and willingness to teach and help a person.  I worked with Graham at a company in Northfield following his Carleton days (approx. 1987); during that time, Graham gave me a pencil with a small computer-shaped eraser on its top, which I have on my desk to this day.  Condolences to the Kimble family. 

  • 2016-03-14 15:59:39
    Richard Ramette

    I was lucky to be Kim's sidekick in the early days of Carleton computing, when we traveled to Wang Labs to choose a time-sharing system, where we saw ladies stitching thin wires through tiny bead magnets to make memory banks.  Kim's genius was to give Carleton students much of the responsibility for daily management of the computer center and unlimited freedom to innovate.  He was also my buddy on the squash courts and I was photographer at his wedding to Sheila.  Kim was a wonderful friendly presence, and greatly helped many faculty members to get their first grip on computer programming.