Fred Gaggioli

2 October 2017
Fred Gaggioli
Fred Gaggioli

Fred Gaggioli, age 63, died on Saturday, September 30th, after a valiant battle against a brain tumor. As the Mail Services Coordinator from September 2011 until January 2016, Fred touched many lives on campus. He managed his work with grace and a friendly attitude toward all. In addition to his family and friends, Fred loved students, Knights football, his two pugs, and cleanliness, starting each morning by cleaning the counter with 409. He will be truly missed as a down-to-earth, generous, and kind soul.

A Celebration of Life will be held for Fred at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 5, 2017, in Carleton College’s Great Hall.

In lieu of flowers, the family has indicated that donations to Glioblastoma research at Mayo Clinic would be appreciated (select “Other” under Designation and then specify “glioblastoma research”).

Please keep Fred’s wife, Pamela Groves-Gaggioli, the Administrative Assistant in Psychology and Cognitive Science, and all of their family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. 

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  • 2017-10-02 15:00:06
    Wayne Eisenhuth

    Another one of the "unsung heroes" of Carleton. Came to work, did his job with little or no fanfare, a great sense of humor, and above all, was an honest man.

  • 2017-10-02 15:14:25
    Jaye Lawrence

    I knew Fred as a valued colleague at Carleton, but also as a neighbor who always had a smile and a kind word for me when we frequently encountered each walking our dogs. He was always so friendly and positive, even after his brain cancer diagnosis when no one would've blamed him for a dash of pessimism. My thoughts are with his family as they grieve the loss of this good man.

  • 2017-10-02 15:16:29
    Kristin Bloomer

    Fred made a very big impact on me relative to how often I saw him or how well I knew him -- all because I happened to visit Mail Services one day and he jumped up to help. We somehow started talking about rowing. I think it may have been his height -- maybe I made a comment; I'm not sure -- but we had a really fun, long conversation in which he talked about his kids and being outside, and I left feeling so much more buoyant, more alive, more grounded. That this cancer took him, and that he fought it so well and for so long, is a testimony to his energy and his love for and by his family, I am sure. My heart goes out to Pam, and to Fred and Pam's whole extended family. I'm so sorry for the loss of Fred's presence from this earth. He lives on in many people's hearts. I will miss him.

  • 2017-10-02 15:17:08
    Fred Hagstrom

    I do a lot of shipping, including sending things to New Zealand and Australia for my program.  To say the least, they can be tricky with what they expect for customs etc.  So Fred and I would do what we thought we were supposed to do, and then usually we would be directed to a different set of forms etc.  Partners in customs (and also in name), I guess.  I rely on any number of staff positions here at school.  It is always a more fun day at work when we can do things with some humor and kindness.  I found that with Fred, as I have with others at Carleton. 

  • 2017-10-02 15:23:02
    Michael McNally

    Not only was Fred professional, and warm, in his work, but he was an intellectually, and spiritually curious, colleague, often showing up at Religion Department sponsored talks by visitors and senior comps presentations.  We'll miss you, Fred.  Blessings to your family.

  • 2017-10-02 15:41:35
    Helena Kaufman

    Fred was very professional and always helpful. He was also a wonderful, friendly, and caring person who engaged in small and big chats. I last saw him this summer at the pizza barn and I had such a good time catching up with him. I will miss you, Fred. Thinking of you, Pam.

  • 2017-10-02 15:45:08
    Bill North

    Fred was a wonderful spirit on campus, and a terrific colleague in the Printing and Mailing services. Absolutely professional and efficient in handling whatever challenge came along--and I had many odd foreign parcels--Fred knew the solution or worked with me to find it. His rapport with his student workers was excellent, and he really created a wonderful atmosphere: Fred, Corey, and Loretta could make the dreariest day bright. Fred was also involved in students' lives and studies, and I would see him at the performances and comps talks of the students whom he had gotten to know. I shall miss running into him on campus and my heart goes out to his family and friends. The warm smile breaking out under his neatly trimmed mustache and the happy brightness in his eyes are images that I carry with me and I hope that others do as well.

  • 2017-10-02 17:13:12
    Jan Foley

    I knew Fred as a neighbor whom I met often while walking my grandpuppy. He was incredibly patient with his pugs, Rosie and Ronson, and was never in a hurry to move them along as they sniffed out whatever interesting scents they could find along the path. A few friendly chats and exchanging anecdotes about the dogs was the extent of our relationship, but I found him to be a very kind, warm, and soft-hearted person. I wasn't aware that he was ill and have missed seeing him walking around the pond behind our home. Thinking of and praying for Pam and his family.

  • 2017-10-02 19:24:59
    Celeste LaMosse

    I house sat for Fred's pugs many times. He was a kind and gentle soul whose love of animals and nature was only surpassed by his love of his wife, Pam, and his family. He will be missed. Rest well, friend.

  • 2017-10-02 19:50:05
    Christopher Tassava

    I’m so sad to see this news. My condolences to Pam and their family. Fred helped me many times with urgent shipping problems, but he always had time for a chat at Sayles-Hill or on the sidewalk. He was a great guy. I’ll miss him.

  • 2017-10-03 09:55:46
    Melissa Thomas

    So sorry to hear of Fred's passing. He was one of the bright spots on first Leighton and although he didn't work at Carleton for a long time, he made an impression on people and quickly became a friend to all. He loved to talk about California and he gave me some valuable advice about the Santa Ynez wine country. My thoughts and prayers go out to Pam and his family during this difficult time.

  • 2017-10-03 11:52:23
    Jennifer Edwins

    My thoughts are with Pam and their family during this difficult time. Fred made such a difference in the lives of many of us at Carleton with his calm, gentle, and friendly nature!

  • 2017-10-03 13:04:13
    Susan Jaret McKinstry

    Fred left so many gestures of kindness, humor, curiosity, knowledge, conversation, and help. How fully he embodied a good man and a life well spent. My heart goes to his family and friends, and I am grateful that I got to know him because I went to Leighton for mailing help and found so much more. Thank you, Fred.

  • 2017-10-03 14:03:01
    Kathy Cross

    Fred was one of the most interesting, funny, knowledgeable and feel-good people to know in this world. I first met Fred 17 years ago when I was starting my career at Environmental Health in California. One of his duties was to train new hires in the program that he worked in, which at the time was Emergency Response. He had some of the most amazing field experiences in his career and when he shared some of them, he left you in awe. People at Environmental Health still talk about Fred and the amazing work he did here. I was recently sharing a story about Fred to my daughter that he had shared with me which helped and inspired her. I hope Fred's family finds comfort in all the wonderful gifts that Fred was to so many people. Thoughts and prayers to Fred's family.

  • 2017-10-06 10:35:51
    Loretta Springer

    I worked next to Fred for a lot of years and enjoyed each and any day. Fred did start day with that bottle of 409, it was that smell that you just couldn't get out of your nose for a few hours. He did like clean counters on his side of the room to keep it looking neat. The days where full of hugs, laughs and work. His students and us enjoyed stories that he told about the different places he had been though his life. He will be missed by all. My thoughts are with Pam and the family.

  • 2017-10-06 16:39:55
    Richard Keiser

    Fred was a wonderful guy and a comrade at the gym for a few years.  We had a number of conversations about his plans for semi-retirement and how much he enjoyed working at Carleton.  He gave me much to think about for my impending retirement.  Heartfelt condolences to Pam and family.

  • 2017-10-10 11:02:57
    Gabriela Arteaga

    Reading everyone's thoughts on here has been a powerful experience. I worked with Fred for three years and I have some things to add.

    I met Fred the summer of 2011 when I stayed in Northfield to work at Mail Services after my freshman year. He'd been hired unexpectedly and thrown into the work without much preamble, right in the middle of the summer. He got stuck with a snappish, sophomore me: too impatient to answer his questions when there was work to get done. That summer was slow-going but by the end of it, Fred had won my allegiance with his kindness. He had the gift of empathy and an incredible memory, which meant he knew how to connect with people, get to know them, and follow up a week later to see how things were going. I saw him start relationships with countless people, greeting them by name and remembering what was going on in their lives. Fred was also a great supervisor and completely revamped the processes at Mail Services, making our work more efficient. All those questions he asked in the beginning were a mark of his gears turning and his seeing possibilities for improvement. 

    When I graduated, I gave him a print he'd liked previously and later he told me he'd put it in his home office. I was so touched. In 2015, when I was looking for a new job, Fred was kind enough to provide a reference and sent me a wonderful email afterwards asking me to let him know how things turned out. I let him know when I got the job and the next day he sent me an email about how he'd taken a look at the website of my new place of employment and it seemed like a great place to work. He didn't just say, "let me know" to be polite, he was genuinely interested. Fred went the distance and if I can treat people with half the interest and compassion as he consistently did, I'll call myself a good person.

    Thank you, Fred, for everything.


    Gaby '14

  • 2017-10-13 22:01:28
    Linda Rossi

    Fred and Pam are neighbors of mine. I will so miss Fred and his daily walks past the house with his pugs. Pam, Fred and I had wonderful evening talks that were intellectually, emotionally and spiritually stimulating. So authentic, present, positive, and loving both Pam and Fred have made me feel like I was part of their family. He was a wonderful husband and father- a man I really admired. He is so missed, but is carrying on through the lives of Pam and his children. Gaby, if you see this note, Fred showed me your print. He was so fond of you and all the students he worked with. Thank you Fred for such a generous heart, Linda

  • 2018-09-15 01:46:42

    Fred was equal parts genuine and charming. I will forever remember a man who was extremely patient and kind-to student workers, faculty, and anyone who walked through that heavy wooden door wishing to ship a package. Truly an exceptional human being. Love you Fred.