Daniel Van Eyck

5 December 2017
Daniel Van Eyck

Daniel Van Eyck ’54 died on November 19th in Madison, WI at the age of 85. Dan had three titles during his years here at Carleton from 1967–1970: Dean of Students, Dean of Men, and Assistant Professor of History. He went on to work for the University of Wisconsin System Administration. A more complete obituary of Dan’s caring and engaged life before and after his work at Carleton is attached.

A small family service will be held at a later date.

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  • 2017-12-05 20:23:56
    Jeff Jacobsen 1970

    I was going on a spring break trip with my girlfriend but my tax refund check had not arrived. I made and appointment with Dean Van Eyck as I had heard that he may have had an " emergency" Dean's fund. I asked if this were true and he said yes. I then told him about the delayed tax refund and no time to wait before the vacation. When I finished telling him he asked how much I would need. My recollection of the amount is vague, but I recall about $500.00. His response was "Sounds like an emergency to me" and called his admin assistant and asked her to cut the check. When I returned to school after spring break, my tax refund had arrived and was deposited and I made an appointment to pay the loan back. When I asked how much interest I owed his response was there is no interest, after all "this was an emergency". I have many very fond memories of my time at Carleton, but this is one of my favorites. He was able to make me feel comfortable about approaching him and had the sense of humor to honor my request. Dean Van Eyck helped make Carleton a very special place. He will certainly live on in my memory.