• Maya Segal, ’25

    10 June 2024

    It is with great sadness that I write to let you know that Maya Segal, class of 2025, died on June 2 in New York, NY. She was 22 years old. A double major in Art History and Mathematics who was on the Dean’s List, Maya was an endlessly curious scholar, talented artist, writer, musician, and gamer.

  • Stephen Kelly

    17 May 2024

    Stephen Kelly, Dye Family Professor of Music, Emeritus, died at age 79, May 11, 2024. Stephen began teaching in the music department at Carleton in 1974. He directed the early music ensemble Pro Musica, taught music history courses, and even took students to New York City as part of a series of jazz history courses. During his tenure at Carleton, Stephen served as co-chair of the music department for many years.

  • Danny Mathews

    4 April 2024

    Danny Mathews passed away on March 30, 2024. Danny served Carleton as Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center from December 2018 until August 2023.

  • Anne Mayer

    21 March 2024

    Anne B. Mayer passed away on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at age 88. She retired from Carleton in 1999 — after 40 years of service to the College — as the Dye Family Professor of Music, Emerita.

  • Jill Hoelzel-Landsteiner

    15 March 2024

    Jill Hoelzel-Landsteiner passed away on Thursday, March 14, 2024, after serving the college faithfully for 30 years as a member of Custodial Services. Jill was well-known on campus and loved Carleton dearly. She will be remembered for her years of faithful service, her fierce devotion to Carleton students and their well-being, and her generosity to those in need. In 2023 she received the Humanitarian Award from the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.

  • Arthur West Kaemmer, MD ’65 of St. Paul, MN passed away on January 31, 2024 at the age of 80. He was a longtime supporter of Carleton and served as Trustee. After Carleton, Dr. Kaemmer attended Marquette Medical School (now Wisconsin College of Medicine) and became a pediatrician. He served as Chairman Emeritus of the National Medical Fellowships and as Board Chair of the HRK Foundation for 25 years.

  • Rev. Earl A. Neil ’57

    13 March 2024

    Rev. Earl A. Neil ’57 passed away March 11, 2024. He was a Carleton trustee for many years (starting in 1971) and the second-ever African American student to graduate from Carleton. Rev. Neil marched with Dr. King from Selma to Montgomery, was a prominent supporter of the Black Panther Party, and worked in South Africa with Desmond Tutu to end apartheid.

  • Joey Appleyard

    13 March 2024

    Joey Appleyard died March 3, 2024, at age 85. She was a Carleton employee for 13 years from 1970 to 1983. She began as the Secretary in the English Department & Managing Editor of the Carleton Miscellany. From 1973 to 1983 she was the Student Work Coordinator.

  • Cindy Grisim

    29 January 2024

    Cindy Grisim died December 20, 2023, at age 67. She was a Carleton employee for 35 years, from 1988 to 2023. She began as an Information Specialist in Central Records and was a Records System Coordinator in External Relations from 2002 to 2023.

  • Gene Ecklund

    29 January 2024

    Eugene “Gene” Ecklund died November 29, 2023, at age 90. He was a Carleton employee from 1980 to 1997, working as a purchasing agent in Facilities and the Business Office.