• Walter Wojciechowski

    2 September 2022

    Walter Wojciechowski, age 69, died on August 24th at home in Northfield. Walter was the designer & technical director of Theater from 1993 to 2011, as well as a senior lecturer in Theater and technical advisor to UNCO (The Uninvited Company, a student summer theater troupe) until 2011.

  • Sheila Best Kimble

    2 August 2022

    Sheila Best Kimble, age 82, died on July 26th in Casper, Wyoming. Sheila began as the Assistant Dean of Women in 1965 and left in 1974 as an Associate Dean of Students. At a time of great change at Carleton and in society, she was adept at helping to navigate the many complex issues.

  • Hartley Clark

    11 July 2022

    Hartley Clark, age 92, died on July 2nd in Northfield. Hartley taught Government and International Relations, beginning as an Instructor in 1955 and retiring in 1992 as the Frank B. Kellogg Professor of International Relations. He is remembered as a highly intelligent, kind, and perceptive person of great integrity.

  • Rosemary Rader

    6 July 2022

    Sister Rosemary Rader, age 91, died on June 29th in St Paul. Rosemary taught in the Religion Department as a visiting associate professor in 1994/95, and then as a Benedict distinguished visiting professor from 1996–98 and again from 1999–2001. She is remembered as a wise, warm, gracious, theologically adventurous, and lighthearted colleague who took her work and her students very seriously.

  • Lauren Soth

    2 June 2022

    Lauren Soth, age 87, died on May 24th in Madison, WI, from complications due to Parkinson’s disease. Lauren was a legendary Carleton Art History professor for 40 years, beginning in 1964 and retiring in 2004.

  • Patricia Cavanaugh

    26 May 2022

    Patricia Cavanaugh, age 65, died on May 17th at her home in St. Paul from pancreatic cancer. Pat taught at Carleton in Political Science in 2009–2010 and again from 2012–2014.

  • Lyle Oster

    5 May 2022

    Lyle Oster, age 71, died on Sunday, May 1st. After graduating from the Culinary Institute in New York, Lyle managed catering at Carleton for Sodexho out of the Burton Dining Hall from 1986 to 1999. He went on to a 40 year career with Sodexho, managing food services at other universities and other senior administration work.

  • Leonard Wenc

    4 April 2022

    Leonard (Len) Wenc, age 82, died on March 29th in Northfield. Len was the Director of Student Financial Services from 1970 until his retirement in 2000. During his 30 years at Carleton, Len is quoted as saying he had “a social worker’s mentality—the need to open doors to higher education for those unable to attend due to financial circumstances.” Students and colleagues respected his forthright commitment to equity in meeting students’ full financial needs, advocating for grant aid, and further developing the work-study program.

  • Marlene Kispert

    21 March 2022

    Marlene Kispert, age 89, died on March 13th. Marlene worked as a switchboard operator at Carleton for 27 years, from 1971 to 1997. She was a caring and generous person who will be greatly missed.

  • James Stowe

    25 February 2022

    James Stowe, age 75, died at home in Northfield on Feb 21st. Jim worked at Carleton for 39 years, beginning in 1969 on Grounds right out of Northfield High School, then as a chauffeur, and retiring as Locksmith Lead in 2008. He was a kind, caring, and quiet man, dedicated to his work and to Carleton.