Help Us Help You!

Take a look at these helpful DO’s and DON’Ts and also our Survival Guide!

Where you live

  • Personal items and furniture from lounges or student rooms do not belong in hallways.
  • Indoor furniture should not be taken outside.
  • For proper heat flow in your bedroom, DO NOT block the heater with furniture or items.
  • Keep windows and doors closed during the heating season.
  • Do not remove screens from windows.
  • Do not flush paper towels or disinfecting wipes down toilets.
  • Elevators will shut down if the doors are held or blocked open, or if they are allowed to repeatedly try to close with something (i.e., a moving cart, boxes, etc.) in their path.

When you cleanup

  • Close shower doors and curtains after use, and leave bathroom doors open to ward off mold.
  • When you wash your clothes, do not overload washing machines with clothes or detergents. Use appropriate amounts of high efficiency (HE) laundry detergent. Lint from dryers goes in the trash, not on the floor. Leave washer lids open, and remove clothing from the laundry room when laundry is complete.

When you cook

  • Always clean up after using the kitchen, remove your personal belongings, and wash and put away your dishes.
  • Be mindful! Keep a close eye on food when cooking in the microwave, stove, or oven, so it does not burn and set off fire alarms.
  • Be sure to utilize exhaust fans above stoves and ovens and turn off burners/ovens when finished cooking. Do not leave unattended, this is a fire risk!

What about waste items?

  • Read campus waste signage to know which waste bin to use and sort appropriately: compost, recycle, or landfill.
  • Pizza boxes are compostable, not recyclable.
  • Black can liners/garbage bags are not recyclable—all items should be “loose”.
  • Food, fat/cooking oil, hair, paper towels, baby wipes (even those marked flushable), etc. do not go down sinks, drains, or toilets.
  • Cardboard is to be broken down and placed in designated cardboard bins. If a building does not have a bin, place broken down/flattened cardboard behind recycling bins in public spaces.

Submit a work order

  • If you see something, say something! Submit work orders as soon as possible and no work order is too small, unimportant, or trivial.
  • Carpets and furniture: Report stains as soon as possible so they can be cleaned promptly.
  • Report emergencies, alarms, mold, water leaks, power outages, and safety concerns immediately.
  • Contact Security if there is a problem outside of normal business hours.