Director of Facilities      

Steven Spehn    x4271

Facilities Communications Specialist    

Gloria Heinz       x4167

Facilities Accountant and Business Process Analyst  

Denise Gillen      x5593

The Director of Facilities and Capital Planning supervises the operations of campus buildings and grounds, coordinates planning for the needs of the College, oversees projects and construction, and is responsible for supervisory staff. The Director works by committee to hire consultants, architects, and contractors to plan and produce the facilities decisions of the College, and also coordinates permits with the City of Northfield.

To request an improvement or to redesign an existing area, fill out a Facility Change Request form and send it to Barb Tousignant in the Facilities Office by November 28. The form must be submitted and approved by the department chair, department head, or program director. The Capital Funding and Priorities Committee (CF&PC) will review the request and project approval will be decided during winter term. You will be notified about the decision with a Status of Facilities Change Request Form by the end of winter term. At that time, a project manager will be identified to contact you. A Facility Change Request submitted after the deadline will be considered individually, based on urgency, cost, and budget.

If you need office furniture and have money in your budget to pay for it, contact Facilities at x4167. If you need office equipment and you have money in your budget to pay for it, contact Randie Johnson at x4178 in the Business Office.