Key Guidelines

Carleton College is committed to provide a safe secure environment for faculty, staff, and students as well as convenient access to all workplace, learning, and residential areas. For more information please see Key Guidelines listed under Department Policies.

Contractor, Vendor, Consultant, and Service Provider

Facilities will distribute and monitor all keys for this group.

  1. The project manager will submit a completed Appendix A form to the Facilities Office using the email address. The information required for the completion of the form is as follows:
    • Requester Name
    • Project name
    • Start and completion dates of the project
    • The hours the contractor is planning to work
    • Project manager name
    • Contractor  name and authorized key holder with cell phone numbers
    • Areas the contractor will need access to when performing the work
  2. Upon arrival to campus the individual will proceed to the Facilities Office  to sign in and sign for approved keys.
  3. All keys must be returned to the Facilities office one-half hour before the end of the campus office work day.
  4. If necessary, a lock box is available allowing the keys to be kept in a secured area in the Facilities building.  
  5. Under no circumstances may a visitor or contractor keep the keys overnight or take keys off College property.
  6. All keys must be returned to the Facilities office when the work or need for access is completed.