Residence Halls

See specific building Heating HOW-TO information courtesy of the Energy Club and “Tips to stay cozy.” Submit a work order or call Facilities at 507-222-4133 if you have any issues.


Townhouses:  Thermostat controls a fan coil unit for each apartment. Temperature setpoint is adjustable from  60°F (bottom) to 70°F (top) with the slider on the right side of the thermostat. The fan will start and adjust speed when the space calls for heat (same as Goodhue.)

Parish House: Heat is controlled by opening or closing the manual damper on top of the radiation covers. There are also Ammark controls (same control as for Burton) in the end rooms that each control half of the floor.

Thermostats are centrally located in the houses and Faculty Club House. Set the thermostat to 68 degrees. Individual rooms are controlled as follows:

  • Rooms with individual radiators have thermostatic Ammark controls. Turn the Ammark up between the 3-4 for more heat or down 1-2 for less heat. 
  • Room temperatures are controlled at the individual radiators with control valves on one end of the radiator. Turn the valve up counter-clockwise for more heat or down clockwise for less heat.

Updated 11/6/2023