Willis Hall1872Alden and Howe, Mpls, MNModified after fire in 1879

Remodeled in 1953
Goodsell Observatory1887J. Walter Stevens, St. Paul, MN
Scoville Library1896Patton and Fisher, ChicagoRemodeled and renamed Scoville Hall in 1957
Renovated 2017 by LHB Inc. Architects
Laird (Science Dept.)1905Bertrand & Chamberlin, Mpls, MNRenovated 2021 by Collaborative Design Group
Sayles-Hill1910Jerome Paul Jackson, Mpls, MNConverted by Myers & Bennett in 1979 from Gymnasium to Student Center

Expanded in 1988
Hasenstab Hall formerly Music Hall1914 Patton, Holmes and Flinn, ChicagoBeginning of the Cowling Era

Renovated by LHB Inc. Architects and renamed Hasenstab Hall in 2022
Burton1915Patton, Holmes and Flinn, ChicagoSource of collegiate Gothic English architecture of late sixteen and early seventeen centuries—known as Tudor Gothic
Skinner Memorial Chapel1916Patton, Holmes and Flinn, ChicagoRenovated 2016
Nourse Hall1917Patton, Holmes and Flinn, ChicagoNourse Little Theater dedicated in 1932, accessible
entrance 2006
Remodeled 2019
Leighton Hall1920Patton, Holmes and Flinn, ChicagoOriginally built for chemistry and geology
Davis Hall1923Patton, Holmes and Flinn, Chicago
Evans Hall1927Patton, Holmes and Flinn, ChicagoCollaborative Design Group, Renovation 2012
Laird Stadium1927Patton, Holmes and Flinn, Chicago1968 indoor track new

1983 opening of outdoor track

2011 & 2012 renovations DLR
Severance Hall1928Patton, Holmes and Flinn, Chicago2003 complete renovation
Boliou Art Hall1949Magney, Tusler and Setter, Mpls, MNAddition designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, of Massachusetts in 1993
Gould Library1956Magney, Tusler and Setter, Mpls, MNEnlarged in 1983 by Sovik, Mathre

Sathrum and Quanbeck, Northfield
Musser Hall1958Magney, Tusler and Setter, Mpls, MN
Myers Hall1958Magney, Tusler and Setter, Mpls, MN4th Floor addition in 1961 by Minoru Yamasaki
Olin Hall of Science1961Minoru Yamasaki, Birmingham, MIRenovated 2020 EYP Architects
Goodhue Hall
1962Minoru Yamasaki, Birmingham, MI
West Gym1964Minoru Yamasaki, Birmingham, MI
Cowling Rec Center1965Minoru Yamasaki, Birmingham, MI
Watson Hall1966Minoru Yamasaki, Birmingham, MI
Music & Drama Center1971Harry Weese, ChicagoDemolished summer 2022
Alumni Guest House/Johnson House1992Brook Design Associates, Inc., NH
CMC1993Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc., MA
Hulings1995The Stubbins Associates, Inc., MARenovated 2020 EYP Architects
Recreation Center1999Hastings + Chivetta Architects, Inc, MO
Language & Dining Center2001Moore/Andersson Architects, Austin, TX
Student Housing Townhouses

Elness Swenson Graham Architects, Minneapolis, MN
Cassat & James Hall


LHB Architects

Faculty Art Studios2010Professional Design Group
Weitz Center
MS&R Architects
Weitz Music Addition2017HGA Architects
Anderson Hall2019
EYP Architects


Designed By
Lyman Lakes1916-17Islands formed and lakes dredged
Bell Field1930Blake Stewart
Earthwork1973Ed Zelenak
Amphitheater1975Herb Baldin
Japanese Garden

David Slawson
Council Ring2007Herb Baldwin