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A key component of the College’s existing strategic plans, this multi-year, phased plan prioritizes an equitable living experience on campus and a better facility for student health.

Key Residential Plan Objectives

  • Improve the quality of residential living and learning space for the 1 of 5 students living in nontraditional housing that will also provide support for programming
  • Provide more equitable living and communal spaces for our diverse student populations in interest and cultural housing
  • Update or replace houses that do not meet current safety and housing standards (80%) were built prior to 1930)
  • Invest in a new Student Health and Counseling Center (SHAC) facility that meets evolving student needs and expectations and is appropriately located to serve the campus community
  • Realize goals from the 2012 Strategic Plan and 2014 Facilities Master Plan

Carleton Housing Report

Timeline and Construction Phases
Site Plans and Renderings
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