Capital Projects

Science project  See the live video cam and more information about the science project online.  

Utility Master Plan (phase 2): geothermal drilling at Bald Spot

Annual Classroom Improvements

CMC 206―new teaching station

Willis 211―new blackboard

Weitz 172―new mirror

WCC 230 & 231―secure storage & sounds attenuation treatments

LDC 202 & 205―new teaching stations

Laird 206―renovation

Hulings 120―remodel

CMC 328―new furniture

Adjustable desks for four classrooms 

Building Envelope (roofs, windows, exteriors)

Burton Hall tuck-pointing (phase 1 of 4)

Burton Hall window replacement (phase 1 of 4)

AGH/Johnson House windows & siding (phase 1 of 2)

Stimson House exterior paint


Nourse Theater upgrades

Myers Hall interior upgrades

Leighton Hall second & third floor partial carpet replacement

Sayles-Hill second floor (flood area) carpet replacement

Burton Hall dining freight elevator

Library Athenaeum bookcase reconfiguration

Rec Center Fieldhouse partial flooring replacement

Grounds Improvements

Bald Spot irrigation following geothermal, if time permits

Evans Hall landscaping