Facilities Management has an automated work order request system that provides a method for requesting work:

  • tracking and monitoring status of the request;
  • response back to the requester;
  • when work is estimated to be completed;
  • when work is completed; and
  • tracking time, materials, and cost.

There are several parameters that are used to identify the urgency of a Work Request. Priorities are as follows:

  1. immediately (emergency)
  2. routine
  3. see target date
  4. capital renewal
  5. other (may be scheduled during a future planned activity)

Work orders are completed on a first in – first done bases, unless an emergency criterion prevails. On average, most work requests may take 15 working days or less to complete. The requestor should plan ahead for all anticipated work requirements in order for the request to be scheduled and completed.

Submit a Work Request.