In order to develop an orderly and transparent painting policy for Carleton College, the following procedures are essential:

  1. Facilities will attempt to repaint walls on a regular and on an as-needed basis. The timing of the painting will be determined by the use and abuse of the areas. Student rooms will be painted at a higher frequency than offices, and hallways more often than classrooms.
  2. In the past, wall colors were selected from a palette of seven colors. This simplified the amount and types of paint that Facilities was required to store. In order to be attuned to our buildings and their historical and unique characteristics, and to respond to individual wishes for more color in the work and college environment, additional colors are now being offered.
  3. Each building has a palette of three to six colors that can be used in individual offices. These colors were selected by Facilities and approved by the campus Historical Preservation Committee and the Buildings and Budgets Committee.
    • If the office is scheduled to be painted on the cyclic painting schedule.
    • If a person is moving into a new office and it is close to the time of the cyclic painting schedule.
    • If the office requires painting because of remodeling or renovation work.
    • If there are special considerations not covered above.
  4. An individual can request Facilities to paint their office under the following conditions:
    • If the painting is completed on the cyclic painting schedule, the College will pay for it.
    • If the painting is the result of remodeling or renovation work, the College project budget will pay for it.
  5. Payment for cost of painting is distributed as follows:
  6. All painting work done in College owned buildings is required by contract to be done by Facilities staff or by an approved contractor because of a collective bargaining agreement with Local Bargaining Unit 70.

Approved March 2004