In order to develop an orderly and transparent furniture policy for Carleton College, the following procedures are essential:

  1. Departments can purchase their own furniture with their departmental funds but all furniture purchases must be processed through Facilities to insure a uniform standard and quality. It is the College’s intention to standardize around one brand and limited styles of furniture.
  2. If a department decides it no longer needs a piece of furniture (including historical), it should be moved to storage at their expense. Furniture placed in storage, can be used elsewhere on campus and no longer belongs to that department.
  3. A department can request used furniture from storage by submitting a Work Order. If available, it will be moved at the department’s expense to their location.
  4. When new positions and offices are created, Facilities will provide the standard furniture options (Steelcase) for new staff and faculty as requested during the annual Facilities Change Request process in the fall.
  5. When new furniture is required as a result of an ADA accommodation, Facilities will provide the standard furniture options (Steelcase) for staff and faculty.
  6. If a department desires an historical piece of furniture, the requesting department is responsible for the moving costs and the expenses necessary to refinish the furniture to its original historical character.
  7. If the College asks a department or individual to move as a part of a college-wide reorganization, and if the furniture doesn’t fit or is not adequate in the new location, then Facilities will pay for the move and the new furniture.
  8. If an individual desires to move or a department wants an individual to move from one office to another and/or requires additional furniture, then the department is responsible for the move and/or the additional furniture expenses.
  9. Furniture standard for offices (broadly defined) with high public visibility (e.g. President, Vice-Presidents and Deans offices and all staff within these immediate office areas as decided by the President, Vice-Presidents and Deans if appropriate) require wood-style furniture for appearance and presentation issues. All furniture for the remaining departments will be the college standard.
  10. Submit a Work Order online to request furniture moves or to purchase new furniture. The Maintenance Office will coordinate the movers and project manager, John Mathews, will contact you to purchase new furniture.

Approved March 2012