November 2008

Edited March 27, 2017

Use of College Vehicles by Facilities Personnel

This policy is issued to establish procedures to be followed by Facilities personnel when utilizing College vehicles, including golf carts, Gators, and other utility type vehicles.

  1. College vehicles are to be driven only by “pre-qualified” Carleton College employees or students who have submitted a Motor Vehicle Report Release Waiver form to the Risk Management Office. Anyone who operates a College vehicle must have a valid driver’s license with them while operating a vehicle.  
  2. You are required to check vehicles for safety, road-worthiness, and fuel on a daily basis. You are responsible to re-fuel and provide required maintenance inspection forms for all assigned vehicles. Report a problem immediately if a vehicle needs repair. 
  3. You are required to abide by the following rules for proper operation of a College vehicle:
    • Operate vehicle at or below posted campus and public speed limits and at speeds appropriate for road conditions.
    • Operate vehicles in a safe and responsible manner.
    • Drivers and passengers are required to wear a seat belt in a moving vehicle if available.
    • All doors must be shut and secure when a vehicle is moving.
    • Cars and trucks are generally not permitted to be driven on campus sidewalks. Golf carts and Gators may be used on sidewalks, but right of way must be given to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
    • Vehicles should be parked in a manner that does not obstruct traffic or building access.
    • Smoking is not permitted in College vehicles.

II. Vehicle Use

  1. College vehicles shall be used for College related purposes. Use of vehicles for strictly personal purposes or errands is not permitted. Vehicles may be used to attend classes, training, seminars, or activities that are sanctioned by the College. 
  2. When leaving a vehicle unattended, remove ignition keys and close doors. 
  3. All vehicles should be secured and locked after daily operation.   
  4. Vehicle keys should be returned to the key cabinet or proper location daily at end of use. 

III. Damage to the College Vehicle 

  1. Notify your supervisor of any damage sustained to a College vehicle as soon as possible. 
  2. Any damage to a college vehicle will need to be documented on an Incident Report Form. 
  3. If the accident/incident occurred on a City street, notify the Northfield Police Department.