April 12, 2024 Email to Faculty and Staff

Dear Colleagues,

We first want to thank those of you who were able to join us for the faculty and staff input sessions on Monday. It was great to see so much interest in the facilities planning process, and to hear your thoughts and questions.

We would like to continue to gather input from faculty and staff over the next few weeks, so we are planning a sequence of open input sessions – both for further discussion with those who attended the Monday sessions as well as for those who were unable to attend. Here are the dates, times, and locations for these sessions.


Sessions for Staff and Faculty

Although different sessions will be in different locations, they are all open to all faculty and staff.

There will be Campus Facilities Planning Committee members at each session, whose primary goal will be to listen – we aren’t planning to give any sort of presentation. We’d like to hear any input you might want to share, but at this point in the process we’re particularly interested in the following two questions.

Are there projects or needs that should be included on the list the committee considers, in addition to the ones identified in the Strategic Direction? What are those?

What spaces or facilities on campus are especially well-utilized? Are there spaces that could be better utilized, either by changing how they are used, or just using them more?

We think these input sessions will be an excellent opportunity to share your thoughts with the Planning Committee, but you can also continue using the link on the Campus Facilities Planning website throughout the planning process. We’re happy to receive questions, comments, suggestions, and ideas.

Best wishes,

Eric R and Eric E

April 4, 2024 Email to Faculty and Staff

Dear Colleagues,

The Campus Facilities Planning Committee will be hosting previews of the campus survey results for faculty and staff on Monday, April 8. These sessions will also be an opportunity to provide additional input about campus facilities and spaces, including sharing facilities or space needs that were not identified in the Strategic Direction. We welcome all faculty and staff to join us:

Staff: Monday, April 8, 3:15-4:15 pm, Anderson 121

Faculty: April 8, 4:30-5:30 pm, Anderson 121

In May we will host a town hall meeting to provide a more detailed report on the campus survey and to share updates about the project. 

In the meantime, for more information contact me, Eric Egge, or visit the Campus Facilities Planning website, where you can share additional feedback, ideas, and suggestions.

Eric Runestad & Eric Egge

Co-Chairs, Campus Facilities Planning Committee

March 27, 2024 Email to Alumni

Dear Carleton alumni,
As you may know, Carleton has adopted a new Strategic Direction for the college, and will now be moving forward with a Campus Facilities Planning process. This effort is an important step toward improving the alignment between priorities of the 2033 Strategic Direction and the way our campus is currently constructed and utilized.

The planning group has surveyed students, faculty and staff, and would like to hear from alumni. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts on our campus facilities, as you remember them from your time at Carleton or from time spent on campus in the years since.

The survey will be open through April 5.

If you would like to know more or stay up-to-date on this project, please visit our Campus Facilities Planning website. Thank you for your engagement with Carleton.
Warm regards from campus,
Eric Runestad, Vice President and Treasurer
Michael Thompson ’96, Director of Alumni Relations

February 27, 2024 Email to Faculty, Staff, Students

As a part of the Campus Facilities Planning process that has just been launched, we ask for your participation in a campus-wide survey to help us understand current use and to inform future development of facilities at Carleton. 

This anonymous survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and the results will provide important information to guide the planning process. Though the survey can be completed using any device, some of the interactive features may be simpler to navigate on a laptop or tablet. Survey responses received by March 29 would be appreciated. 

Thank you for your investment of time in this planning effort. 

Eric Runestad, Vice President and Treasurer, Campus Facilities Planning Committee Co-Chair
Eric Egge, Associate Provost, Professor of Mathematics, Campus Facilities Planning Committee Co-Chair