The Campus Facilities Plan 2024 will be built upon the foundation of Carleton’s 2033 Strategic Plan, which identified a set of critical next steps Carleton must take over the ensuing 10 years to secure the college’s continued success and distinction. Vice President and Treasurer, Eric Runestad, outlines the Campus Facilities Planning process.

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Recording of Campus Facilities Plan Town Hall

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Carleton Facilities Planning FAQs

Sayles Hill dining space was just renovated. Why were the meeting rooms, offices, and classrooms not addressed at that time?

The renovation of the cafe was funded in partnership with Bon Appetit. A more significant renovation of all of Sayles Hill was beyond the scope and the budget of that project.

Will the age of buildings and any related issues affect the decision-making process?

Yes, we will consider these needs as a part of the planning process.

Will accessibility be factored in as the planning process continues?


From the survey results, students, staff and faculty all have differing priorities. Whose needs are more important?

A key component of a comprehensive planning effort like this is seeking to balance the needs of all of our stakeholders as we work to deliver on the goals of the 2033 Strategic Direction.

What about uncompleted projects from the 2012 plan?

We are using the 2014 Campus Facilities Plan to inform this plan. For example, the needs for PEAR were noted in the 2014 plan, and the carryover to this year’s planning effort is intentional.

Will the plan include classrooms?

This process includes a space utilization study, and classrooms will be a part of this analysis.

Are we focusing on space we already have? Or is there opportunity to expand?

This planning process will consider both.

How can I share my feedback regarding the Campus Facilities Plan?

Two ways: You can reach out to any of the committee members or fill out this form and we will respond as needed.