Director: Professor David Tompkins

European Studies at Carleton provides an intellectual meeting ground for students and faculty interested in exploring that collection of polities, linguistic groups, and cultures collectively known as Europe from a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.

A mix of country-specific and trans-regional courses will enable students to be well-versed in the problems and developments specific to a region or culture while becoming adept at seeing continuities and exchanges that transcend boundaries.

The minor offers a number of opportunities, including the Senior Colloquium, for students to integrate their knowledge of foreign languages and study abroad experiences directly into their coursework.

Can I major in it? An interdisciplinary minor is offered.

Topics explored: Art, politics, music, economics, languages, literature, and history of Europe.

How to get started: A wide range of discipline-specific courses at the 100-level are great places to begin your investigation, toward the minor, as well as the minor’s gateway courses: EUST 110: Introduction to European Studies or EUST 111: Age of Cathedrals.